Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #296 - 'Are they even Human?"

This was the last cry of Avijit Sarkar. A BJP worker who was slaughtered by a lynching mob of the victorious TMC supporters of Mamata Banerjee who had promised exactly that! Mayhem!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #296 - 'Are they even Human?"

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“In reality, every reader when he is reading, is the reader of his own self. The writer’s work is merely a kind of optical instrument which he offers to the reader to permit him to discern what, without the book, he would perhaps never have seen in himself. The reader’s recognition in his own self of what the book says is the proof of its truth” ― Marcel Proust

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Shishupal thought he was all-powerful.  He ‘knew” Krishna followed the Dharmic way.  That, he took as his insurance.

He abused Krishna unabashedly.

Krishna warned.  No more than 100 abuses will be tolerated.  Beyond a point, Dharma crushes the one wayward.

Shishupal was sure Krishna was no ‘God’, but someone playacting.  So, while abusing Him is not an act against  the Divine but because he thought Krishna was playacting, he will live up to a silly idea of “good” and “moral behavior”.  Despite the line Krishna had clearly drawn.

Dharma is not morality.  Morality is the stratagem of the cunning and vile.

When the abuses crossed 100, Dharma acted.

Dharma always acts.  That is how existence works.

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Avijit Sarkar was a BJP worker.  Hours after the election victory by Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, he was attacked.

A dog lover, he would pick up street dogs and care for them.  One of them had even given puppies.

The mad mob slaughtered the dogs mercilessly.

He said sobbing.

“I don’t know how to come live (on Facebook). They hurled bombs right in front of my eyes and vandalised my house and the party office. My only mistake is that I am a BJP worker.,  (Source)

Aara ki Manush?  Are they even Human?  He asked.

The murderous mob went on destroying everything that Avijit had.

In a subsequent video, a teary-eyed Avijit Sarkar narrated, “They are destroying my house, NGO office – one after the other. Look at my dogs. She had given birth to 5 beautiful puppies. I had uploaded their pictures on Facebook.” He said that the attack took place in Ward no. 30 in the Beleghata neighbourhood in Kolkata under the supervision of TMC leaders Paresh Paul and Swapan Samandar.

All in the presence (and backing) of the Narkeldanga police officials.

Hours later Avijit Sarkar was lynched to death.

No more.

Two women poll agents who worked for Nanoor BJP candidate Tarakeswar Saha were gang-raped in broad daylight.  One of them has since not been seen.

Women BJP workers in at least 12 villages of Nanoor Vidhan Sabha constituency were molested.

One of the gang-raped BJP worker - Source

This was not sudden.  This attack on BJP workers, supporters and those who voted for them.

It was a promise.

By Mamata to her support base.  “They will beg for the Central forces, but they can’t remain here.  We will!”

Read Issue #294 - Bengal is Dead. to clearly understand who Mamata’s support base is.

Thousands are flocking at the state’s border to run away from the tyranny unleashed.

There is however a whole world full of sadistic psychopathy that can’t help itself.

Celebration of the mayhem

Meanwhile, the celebration of rape, murder, and mayhem is shamelessly being thrust upon everyone.

India is now a country where gang rape is the justice for political opposition in the eyes of self-styled “liberal” women.

When hatred for someone - a person, a group - an opposition, has been given the cloak of justice, then it is easy to feel justified as you applaud rapes of helpless women doing their job of being a polling agent.

The net that has been cast is very vast.  Personification is very specific, clear, and unmistakable.

For every Hindu who stands up for his basic human rights, Modi has become his proxy.

The world over.

And Hindutva - as defined by those whose agenda is to abuse Hindus - the stick to beat and even to kill him with.

The attack lines have been set up.

The strategy cleared up.

Even tragedies are being viewed from that lens.  Every event is a tool to whip Modi up and beat him down in the eyes of those who elected him.

It does not matter whether one agrees with Modi or not.  It really does not.

He is the face of Hindus who have a voice to speak up for themselves.

The relentless attack and the retreat

For centuries, the adversary has come with a sword and morality for the Hindus to live by.  For centuries now, we have been destroyed from within while our history has been twisted.

The argument, the abuse, and the authority has come backed with swords and gunpowder.  Met only by appeal, retreat, helplessness, and retirement into our own dark corners.

“Life should go on.” has been the high road refrain of the retreating masses.

The corner shrinks.  The resentment eats up.  The achievements, the peace, and acquiescence in one’s own murder have no leverage for the crime to subside.

Compromise in our own demise is our insurance of a better tomorrow.

A demise that promises to be brutal, bloody, and remorseless.

They looked at our philosophy.  They marveled at our yoga.  They could scarcely believe that such yearning for truth in the ocean of human deception that engulfs the planet could even exist.

Falsehoods, just the right version of a group’s falsehoods (Protestant-Catholics, Sunni-Shia, Soviet-Sino - have known the price of just a bit of deviation) had to be maintained.  Forcefully.

With that masquerade came the legitimacy of power.

In a world where knowing of truth is the greatest danger to your well-constructed citadel, the ones who left it all for their searching were a morbid threat.

Truth had to be incarcerated.

So, a storyline was drawn up.  Illegitimate stories of fringes were made central to the real tale.

The tale once contaminated could be used to destroy the yearning.

Those who could be won over to the carefully put-together pretense of holiness were made fanatic enemies of the truth.  And its seekers.

There is a Kingdom of the Fabricated god.  A pilgrimage of entrapped holiness that is set only at a certain angle.

And there is a Universe full of divinity.  All-encompassing, immanent and eternal.

It defies stories.  Walls.  And definitions.

Such divinity is a threat to everything holy.

The threat, the attack that you and I face in the name of Modi is the vengeance of the holy against the divine.  The controllable weapon of power versus unleashing of consciousness.

It was never about good, morals, rights, justice, and all the rest of it.  But about the power.

The battle needs one to bear the burden of morality thrust by another while the other defines every fall with a flagrant spin over.  The right to set morals is in the hands of the one with the power.

The sooner one realizes that it is the power that decides morality and its depravations, the sooner one breaks the shackles of the crippling moral structure.  That is nothing more than a weapon.

Sun gives life.  Its warmth saves many.  Its light gives food.  When the heat increases for someone who chooses a certain location, it takes away life.

Sun has not become immoral.  It is its Dharma.  That is how it is.  When the heat goes beyond a point, it does and will have its consequences.  It should.  That is the way of the Sun.

If Divinity is cosmic, then the rules of the cosmos are universal.


They do not oscillate between morality and immorality.  The ones who have a silly sense of power over the cosmos and connive stratagems to outsmart it, simply come in its way.

The question to the confused mind is - is masquerading against an infinite existence a violent act.

Or the infinite Universe going about its way while the one with machinations getting crushed under its ways an act of violence?

Dharma is very clear.  When will the claimants of truth be?

Unmasking Persecution of Hindus in Britain

A report from @1928institute discusses the issues of identity, political representation, and policies from the viewpoint of the British Indians.  It’s findings are as obvious to the ones who suffer as it is startling for the ones who deny it.

The majority of Indians have a Civilizational identity.  80% of Indians have faced prejudice because of their Indian identity.

The most rampant form being Hinduphobia.

Meanwhile, only 8% feel they are represented by the policymakers accurately.


And, the targeted becomes the bearer of the burden of his own rules, thrust upon him.

market corner: 10 quick bytes

  1. Remdesivir production increased to 1.05 cr vials a month - more
  2. Digital transactions for MSME Min attached offices decline for a third straight year; KVIC tops in volume - more
  3. India’s top carmaker Maruti Suzuki slices production as lockdowns hit sales - more
  4. Gurugram, Noida continue to remain preferred locations in Delhi NCR’s commercial market - more
  5. Staggered working hours, curtailed attendance to remain till May-end: Centre to all departments - more
  6. 30% of pre-covid good payers who had opted for a moratorium are struggling to repay now - more
  7. Foxconn, Wistron, Dell, 16 other cos apply for investments under the PLI scheme for IT hardware - more
  8. The Serum Institute of India will invest 240 million pounds in the UK to expand its vaccine business and set up a new sales office creating a large number of jobs - more
  9. Infosys to hire 1,000 workers in the UK - more
  10. Saudi Arabia expected to cut June crude prices for Asia: Survey - more

nota bene

India COVID million deaths estimate by US institute: According to the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, "the number of cases that are being detected needs to be multiplied by 20 or more to get the number of infections that are occurring in India."  The institute projects that India will report over 1 million deaths by the start of August. The country's official death toll currently stands at 2,22,408.  It also said that the cumulative death toll due to COVID-19 could rise to 6,65,000 by the end of July, with around 3,29,000 additional deaths between April 12 to August 1. However, a universal mask coverage (95 percent) by the end of the third week of April can bring down this figure by 70,000.  (Source)

Central Vista Redevelopment Project: The Prime Minister’s new residence, which is a part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, is set to be ready by December 2022. In documents that were made public on Monday on the Parivesh portal of the Environment Ministry, Infra 2’s Expert Appraisal Committee cleared the 10 common official complex buildings, the new residential complex of the PM as well as its special protection group accommodation, the Vice-President’s enclave, the central conference centre, thereby granting it approval, according to an IE report. For the same, the total estimated project cost is Rs 13,450 crore. As per the document, the first three buildings of the office complexes that will come up in the place where the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts is located are expected to be completed by May 2023; the Vice President enclave will be completed by May 2022; the SPG by December 2022; the other seven office complexes will be completed between March 2024 and June 2025 while the central conference centre will be completed by December 2026. On April 12, approval was given for the 10 buildings consisting of the office complexes, the 10 buildings which will comprise the residence of the PM, one special protection group building, the conference centre as well as 29 buildings making up the VP’s enclave. (Source)

Taliban offensive on US deadline: Afghan security forces fought back a huge Taliban offensive in southern Helmand province in the last 24 hours, officials and residents said on Tuesday, as militants launched assaults around the country following a missed U.S. deadline to withdraw troops. Although the United States did not meet the May 1 withdrawal deadline agreed in talks with the Taliban last year, its pull-out has begun, with President Joe Biden announcing all troops will out by Sept. 11. Critics of the decision to withdraw say the militants will try to sweep back into power. (Source)

Social Media is not harmful: Using social media is 'no more harmful' to young people's mental health than watching TV was to youngsters in the 1990s, a new study claims. Researchers from Oxford University used data from three large surveys to look into the lives of more than 400,000 young people in the UK and US. It is popularly believed that new technology, particularly social media, is responsible for declining mental health among young people and a range of other social ills. (Source)

video corner: Jadav, the forest man

Jadav "Molai" Payeng is an incredible man.  He turned the sandy land near the Brahmaputra river into a forest reserve over his lifetime.  Located near Kokilamukh of Jorhat, Assam is a 1,360 acres / 550 hectares forest, called Molai forest.  It has been named after him.

It is said that in 1979, Payeng, then 16, saw a large number of snakes die due to excessive heat after floods washed them onto the tree-less sandbar.  That had him start thinking of how trees could have saved them.  And, so started his journey.

This video is about that journey.

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