Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #161 - The Civil War in Karachi

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #161 - The Civil War in Karachi

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“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don't have brains enough to be honest.”― Benjamin Franklin

The only way for the coward to remain viable is through treachery.  He will bribe your weakest link, hit you when asleep, and target your family.  That is what those who have worked to break India have done.  They have tied the hands of the armed forces by buying out the governments and the press.

This is the first time in its history when it is facing the real India.  A resolute government and a tough, well equipped armed force.  Despite its shenanigans, the time has come for Pakistan to pay the bills.

In the ongoing FATF session, rumors are that Saudis will vote against them. And meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan.  Now, Karachi is on fire where PakArmy has had to fight Sindh police and even take over the police stations.  As they say, karma is a bitch.

Black Lives Matter - a different perspective

We had discussed BLM and its association with convicted felons and anarchist groups in our earlier newsletter - Issue # 147

Here is a rather honest and no-nonsense articulation of what everyone knows but has been browbeaten into silence on.

Pakistan Civil War and the Indian media

I was chatting with an old friend of mine in India around 10.30 pm Indian Time (October 21st).  He was intrigued about the politics in the US and if Kamala Harris, the “Indian lady” was any good.  I gave him my perspective and that per me Trump held an advantage.  And, I was sharing how the media is totally bought these days.

As an example, I asked him if he knew that Pakistan was facing a Civil war like situation in Karachi?

He had no idea.

And I asked him, how is it that such a significant thing is happening right across the border and there is no mention of it in the Indian media?

So, let us look at what really happened.

unraveling of Pakistan

Today, the unraveling of Pakistan’s polity, or rather lack of it, and the battle of civil society with its Army reached an inflection point.

As Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) - a coalition of political parties (primarily PML-N, PPP, and JUI-F) formed in September 2020 in opposition to the government of Imran Khan - held a large rally in Karachi at the Bagh-e Jinnah ground on Sunday, October 18th, thousands thronged to share their frustration. (Source)

Pakistan Democratic Movement Jalsa in Karachi on October 18, 2020. Photo: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)

On Friday, another jalsa (rally) was held at Gujranwala (Source).

As per Pakistani human rights activist, Amjad Ayub Mirza, not only was the Karachi jalsa a success, but it also took Karachi out of the hands of Imran Khan.  And, in many ways from the Pakistan Army as well.

The significance of what happened on Sunday can be gauged from these two tweets.  And these were before the events really unfolded in Karachi.

Amjad is calling the PDM jalsas and the related movement and its impact as akin to the 1971 situation!

The Pakistani intelligence and ISI then went and arrested Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s husband - Captain Safdar - from the hotel room where they were staying.  Here is the statement.

The excuse used to arrest Captain Safdar was that he had gone into the “Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazaar” or the Jinnah’s mausoleum. (Source)


To do this, however, they - the ISI and the Army - had to kidnap the IGP of Sindh.  He is the highest police officer in the state.

That started a reaction from the police force that was unprecedented.

People came out on the streets and one Pakistani news site - The International Herald - called it a “Civil War in Pakistan”.

Hamid Mir, a very senior Pakistani journalist, shared how the Senior and Junior officers were applying for leaves in droves.

Almost the entire top brass applied for leave.

Here are the names of some of those who applied for the leave.

The template for the leave applications were identical.


In all, it is being said that 70% of Sindh Police had applied for leave. (Source)

In the ensuing battle between Pakistan Army and Karachi Police, some casualties have also been reported.  Also, there was a big blast in a 4-storey building in Karachi's Gulshan-e-Iqbal area.

As per Pakistan paper, International Herald, there was a heavy firing between the Army and the Police and 5 Army officers have died.

The Pakistani Army trolls are meanwhile very active on Twitter to creates memes and caricature any claims that contradict the official narrative.  Which is “All is well.”

Interestingly, October 20-21 was also the night when the Pakistan Army coalition of Army regulars, Tribals and the Ahmadi Furqan battalion had plundered Muzaffarabad in Kashmir in 1947.


A cycle of deeds, huh?

more Pakistani than Pakistanis themselves!

Now, let us go back to my conversation with the friend who didn’t know what was happening in Pakistan even when it was teetering on the Civil War.

Watch this video by Shekhar Gupta.  His ability to bat for his masters while sharing and mixing the ISI narrative with “facts” is amazing.  The video starts from the part where he truly shows his colors.  The way he downplays what is happening in Pakistan and equates it to his version of a hypothetical Indian situation is remarkable in its inherent dishonesty and chicanery.

“There is no Civil War”, Gupta assures Indians.  Even when the Pakistani analysts themselves are saying that.

It’s rather cute to see how the Indian journalists are more loyal to the Pakistani narrative than Pakistanis themselves! .

nota bene

UP Film City boom: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has shared the blueprint for the proposed film city – likely to come up over 1,000 acres in Greater Noida.  The Film City will be along the Yamuna Expressway.  It will further enhance the Agra-Mathura-Vrindavan tourism circuit.  It will also boost the realty market! (Source)

Pak woman rapes and kills her father-in-law: A Pakistani in Aroop Town of Gujranwala in the state of Punjab died two days ago of a heart attack caused, in turn, by extreme dehydration and exhaustion due to seven consecutive ejaculations.  In addition to penile hyperexcitability, 80-year-old Ghulam Hasan showed signs of inarticulation and hypersalivation, the police said.  Police have held the woman, Naheed, Hassan’s daughter-in-law, responsible for the act. (Source)

Uddhav blocks CBI: Uddhav Thackeray blocks CBI from probing cases in Maharashtra, withdraws general consent  The decision implies that the CBI will need the state’s permission to enter its jurisdiction to carry out any investigation and effectively strips the central agency of its powers to probe cases relating to the state. (Source)

Russia protecting Iranian tankers: Last week, the Iranian-flagged oil tanker Samah entered the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal. After a few miles, the 900-foot-long ship stopped reporting its position and destination. Evidence suggests the ship sailed to Syria, escorted by two Russian Navy ships, including a destroyer.  Russia’s role in protecting the shipment may change the dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the past, Iranian tankers sailing to Syria have been intercepted by the U.K. Royal Navy. (Source)

Chinese spies targeting PM Office: According to the interrogation, China had asked its espionage team to give internal information of important Indian offices including the Prime Minister's Office.  Qing Shi, the Chinese spy was also directed to give details of top officials and bureaucrats in other important offices. (Source)

science but inner science

This couple - Abhi and Niyu are doing a great job with their channel.  Please do check them out and subscribe to it.  However, they are doing exactly what most Hindus have been trying to do for a long time.  Juxtapose seemingly scientific stuff on our heritage without any assertive way.  Yes, our practices and our ways have been based on science, but it has been inner science and not bodily science.  Yoga, which is the basis of Hindu culture or samskriti, never talked in terms of body or bones.  But about Prana, chakras - energy.  So it requires serious seeking and understanding.  Nice try but it should have been based on sadhana and not enthusiasm.


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