Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #189 - Ignominy of Cowardice against an Act of War

Pakistan's Army trained youth to attack India's largest city as the attackers got logistic and telecom backup. It was an Act of War. Not a terror attack. First, let us get our basics right!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #189 - Ignominy of Cowardice against an Act of War

(Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash)

“Live not for Battles Won.
Live not for The-End-of-the-Song.
Live in the along.” ― Gwendolyn Brooks, Report from Part One

Is life a physical existence or an energy phenomenon?  Oscar, a cat at Steere House nursing home in Rhode Island has predicted deaths of patients in the clinic by merely curling up to one. (Source)

We all know that animals can sense electro-magnetic energy changes.  That is how catfish’s have been found to become sensitive to earthquakes even 6 hours before they happen.

Catfish placed in an aquarium were tested three times a day by tapping on the supporting table. When no earthquake was impending, the fish moved lazily or not at all; but about six hours before a shock the fish jumped when the table was tapped, and sometimes swam about agitatedly for a time before settling down upon the bottom again. Several month's testing showed that in a period when 178 earthquakes of all degrees of severity had been recorded, the fish had correctly predicted 80 per cent of the shocks. (Source)

If Oscar could sense the energy of death 4 hours prior to it manfesting terminally in the physical form of the patient, then we are left with an interesting question.

Is Death an energy phenomenon?

And, if death is an energy phenomenon, then life should also be an energy phenomenon.

It is probably because of that that our Yogis never talked of bones, muscles and blood.  But in terms of nadi, prana and chakra. No one had seen any of those.  Yet, we all know that Yoga works!

So let us ask this question again - Is life an energy phenomenon?

No matter what your skill-set is.  No matter how great a genius you are at your trade or skill.  What matters is how you manage your energy and mind that makes your life a success or a misery.

You can be a genius and live like Sachin Tendulkar.  Or you can be a genius and live like Diego Maradona.  A life that started with sheer brilliance but went wayward with drugs, sex and disease.

A legend who defined Football (or soccer as Americans call it) for our generation is no more.  Diego Maradona has passed away.

For me, he will always be remembered for that one goal - the goal of the century in the 1986 Argentina vs England World Cup match.  Although that match defined everything about Diego Maradona.

Wearing the No. 10 jersey of a playmaker, Maradona led Argentina to soccer’s world championship in 1986, scoring one of the game’s most controversial goals and one of its most celebrated in the span of four minutes during the quarterfinals against England.  (Source)

For now, enjoy the play that will forever define Maradona’s sheer divine brilliance. DIEGOAAAL!!

The commentary is in Spanish by the legendary Víctor Hugo Morales commentary with English subtitles.

Maradona died because of a heart attack at the age of 60.

26/11 was an Act of War by Pakistan not a ‘Terror Attack’

Today started one of the most shameful attacks on the largest Indian city - Mumbai - in 2008, where Pakistani trained personnel backed by Pakistani Army and Intelligence supported by Indian rogues from Congress and Islamist groups (Source) killed 165 and wounded 300.

For three days, they kept firing and killing at will as the Indian media personnel helped their handlers pinpoint the victims with deadly accuracy.  Serving Pakistani Army and ISI officers were actively involved in the attack.

Arrested 26/11 handler Zabiuddin Ansari, alias, Abu Jundal, has named ISI officers, Major Samir Ali and Colonel Hamza, as Pakistan's state actors who were directly involved in the terror attack on Mumbai. While Major Samir Ali oversaw the 26/11 operation from LeT's control room in Karachi, Colonel Hamza arranged for Jundal's escape to Saudi Arabia in April-May 2011. (Source)

If the Military state agencies (ISI is part of Pakistan Army and its officers are on loan to ISI) had directly orchestrated the attack on India, with complete training and support, then should 26/11 have been called a Terrorist Attack?

It was a war that was unleashed.  Targeted, specific, and deadly.

To call it a terrorist attack is to fool ourselves.  I am not concerned whether Pakistan is a terrorist state or not, the fact is that it IS a State!  And, one finds it everywhere – in the UN and in other agencies.  And nothing takes away the fact that the establishment of a country orchestrated, armed, and managed an entire attack with specially trained Commandoes (yes, that is how vermins like Ajmal Kasab should be viewed) on Indian soil.

Pakistan’s internal politics and Indian party Congress’ internal objectives aligned in a way to create an attack which was to be characterized as being done by “Saffron terrorists”, even when everyone knew who did it.

Here is Najam Sethi not just admitting that Pakistan did the attack but also gave the reason why it happened.

Pakistan’s role was also admitted by the then National Security Advisor Mehmud Ali Durrani (Source).

Mumbai Police Commissioner had revealed clearly in his book how the Indian establishment and their media cohorts would have projected it as a Hindu terrorist attack.


Indeed, that day Tukaram Omble saved India, and Hindus from the wrath of Congress to unleash on the larger community.  Just the way Nehru's regime had done after Gandhi’s death.

the real face of Islamists/Leftists

Delhi Police has filed a supplementary charge sheet and some interesting insights come out of those papers.

The digital footprint of Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid, and others paints a very different picture from what the Leftist/Islamist Indian media would propagate.

The riots were planned with a highly anti-Hindu agenda with virulent Islamist planning by Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam.  While these individuals would keep insisting that they are atheists, the truth was something else.

These rioters and communalists were planning “Hong Kong-style” unrests in the country.

Worse was that some sections (Leftist/Islamist) media were actually helping them to deceive the police and law enforcement agencies.  Check how, for instance, the online magazine TheQuint had shared instructions on how to avoid being recognized by facial recognition tools being used by law enforcement.  (Source)  In any sane society with a rule of law, Quint editor would be behind the bars for obstruction of justice.

Many call India’s press journalists as presstitutes, but the way they so self-righteously back and help the rioters, anarchists, and terrorists, even that epithet is an understatement.

scale and self-sustaining impact

The Venture Capital firm Sequoia is now opening up in Europe.   It had started in 1977 with a seed investment of USD 150,000 in Apple.  It sold that investment in 1979 for a handsome amount of USD 6 million.  A hit that very few can come out of, despite the amazing profit margin!  They learned the lesson and planned to scale up with patience.  And they had some amazing blockbuster deals. (Source)

  • It co-led Google’s Series B in 1999, turning $12.5m into $4.3B during the search engine’s 2004 IPO (a 300x return).
  • It invested $60m in WhatsApp in 2008, netting nearly $3B when the company was acquired by Facebook in 2014.
  • It made a $1.2m seed investment in Dropbox, which turned into $2B when the cloud provider IPO’d.

What do these Venture Capitalists do?  They provide funds to the ideas that can then scale up to do something meaningful for society.  Scale in the right hands can help a society grow.  Scale in the wrong hands can bring great misery to the planet.

Nothing that is worth doing is done well without scale.  Without scale, the greatest of Truths play second fiddle to imposters.

Scale matters.  It matters even more in things that are important and indeed critical for our society.

And, this is something that the Dharmic and the spiritual work of the Sages in recent times have lacked in.  They may have done great work, but the scale and its permanent impact did not remain in place.

Creating an ecosystem is about that.  Raise the quality along with the scale.

Just recently saw an ad for an organization called National Christian Foundation.  They are looking for a senior project manager to manage the projects that the organization undertakes.  Check the advert (Source) to see the scale that this organization works at.

USD 12 billion in grants to over 63,000 ministries globally.  Ministries that plant and run those Churches.  The details of this organization are on their website (Source).

They obviously work in India as well, apart from other countries.  They are like a “clearinghouse” for evangelical work.  They route the money from individual donors to certain organizations that are working to plant the Christian god in areas where they want to make inroads.

That the pretext of this god has been the driving factor to obliterate natives in at least three continents, besides destroying the Greco-Roman civilizational scholarship, spirituality, and ethos should make one pause.  What has the world lost in terms of the real spiritual ethos of say, Native Americans?  Or the Aboriginals of Australia?  Or the Mayans of South America?

And all that was lost for what?

For an idea that was regressive and built to gain and exercise power over other societies while enslaving them.  That continues to this day.

All because of scale.

They achieved scale to plant an imposter of an idea of god on cultures that had explored the divine in its completeness.  You see, just brute scale of the European god along with carefully curated stories promoted by the missionaries was able to rob this planet of the spiritual work and wisdom that was built over many thousands of years.

They, the spiritual societies, were perfectly content with their own world, in their own geography with their own simple but powerful (in terms of alignment with nature, Universe, and consciousness) spiritual understanding of life.

The ones who wanted power that could only be satisfied by the blood, money, riches, resources, land of others needed an idea that could be weaponized.  Jesus was that weapon.

Once the stories were curated, they were scaled.  Along with the Armies and Naval fleets.

In fact, self-sustenance of the idea of a curated god was necessary to help create conditions for imperialist attacks, and those attacks became the funding (VC?) operations that helped sell the idea of that god even better and wider.

The curated god and imperial conquests worked in tandem.

The rest as they say is history.

And the present.

If we are doing work that aims to resist the imperialist gods of the aggressive powers with scale, we will have to scale up our work.  A little jab here and there will not do any good.  It is like straightening the deck of the Titanic while it goes down.

For scale, one needs to (1) think out of the box (2) improve quality, and (3) create self-sustaining models.

This is a very interesting video by evangelical/apologist David Wood and he has some very interesting strategies and ideas.  It is to create a base for building up teams that can achieve scale in the work they are doing.

Unfortunately, no one discusses or thinks along these lines in the world of those who see the alignment of a global society with fundamental spiritual ways as being critical to the human future.

At Drishtikone, we are debating the way forward in a meaningful way as well.  Any suggestions/thoughts for scaling up and self-sustenance will be most welcome.

market corner - 10 quick bytes

  1. Cabinet approves Rs 6,000 cr equity infusion in National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) debt platform - more
  2. Indian market receives record foreign investment in November (Rs 53,167 crore ); equities skyrocket - more
  3. HDFC Bank on Wednesday became the first bank in Indian history to cross the Rs 8-trillion market capitalization milestone - more
  4. Dalal Street sell-off - Investors lose Rs 2 lakh crore - more
  5. Poll booth-like facilities to vaccinate 30 crores on a priority - more
  6. New Mahindra Thar high in Global NCAP crash tests - safest off-roader with 4 stars - more
  7. India Post Payments Bank launches PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana for account holders - India Post Payments Bank launches PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana for account holders - more
  8. Cabinet approves Rs 2,480 crore FDI deal for ATC Asia Pacific buying about 12 percent stake in ATC Telecom Infrastructure - more
  9. Bengal, Kerala too pick option mooted by Centre for GST compensation - more
  10. GST authority finds P&G, Gillette guilty of profiteering - more

nota bene

Terrorists Weapon supply hit: Mufti Rauf Asghar, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) operational commander, who had coordinated the infiltration of four heavily-armed operatives into India this month to wreak havoc, has told Jaish terrorists in Kashmir that it was becoming difficult to supply them the necessary “items”, a reference to explosives and weapons. Mufti Rauf Asghar sent the message to Jaish operatives in Kashmir soon after the gunbattle at Ban toll plaza in Jammu’s Nagrota (Source)

Huge donations at Sai Baba Temple: The Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi which reopened after more than seven of being closed, witnessed over 1 lakh devotees till Tuesday. The Sai Baba devotees from across the world also donated over Rs 3.09 crore. Besides this, 64 gm gold worth Rs 2,85,629 was also donated along with 2.8 kg silver worth Rs 93,000. (Source)

China hoarding food items: China has been importing farm products at a brisk pace this year in an apparent bid to take advantage of relatively stable global prices and replenish its depleting food inventory. (Source)

New Zealand MP takes oath in Sanskrit: Indian-origin Member of Parliament (MP) in New Zealand Gaurav Sharma became the second such person outside India to take oath in Sanskrit.  Sharma, who belongs to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party, said that he believed Sanskrit paid homage to all the Indian languages. (Source)

O Blood Type Less susceptible to COVID: People with a type O blood are 12 per cent less likely to catch the coronavirus than other blood types, a study has found.   It also reveals that those with a negative blood type (O-, A-, B- or AB-) are, on average, 21 per cent less likely to get the virus than people with a positive type.  Individuals with type O or negative blood are also 13 per cent and 19 per cent less likely to develop severe symptoms or die, respectively. (Source)

mastery based learning versus learning based on test scores

Khan Academy was one of the most amazing learning experiment in the last few decades.  Sal Khan started putting simple but very effective videos - for his cousins initially - that everyone loved.

In this very insightful video, he makes a strong case for learning based on mastery of the subject as opposed to one based on test scores.  Worth a watch!


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