Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #124 - Was Godhra linked to Operation Parakram?

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #124 - Was Godhra linked to Operation Parakram?

(On the way to Gaumukh)

“And of all illumination which human reason can give, none is comparable to the discovery of what we are, our nature, our obligations, what happiness we are capable of, and what are the means of attaining it.”  ― Adam Weishaupt

When the entire population is asleep, the bigger battle is in waking it up than for it to take any action.  To colonize and comprehensively destroy a society, you don’t have to fight it directly.  You just need to make the people believe that the crimes that are being perpetrated on it are justified.  In fact, people are committing a crime by even calling it a crime.

When enslavement of one’s own self is a celebratory state of affairs, then society does not need to be colonized.  It will invite colonization.

The past 6 years - after the slavery facilitating regimes - have been about just that.

Waking people up.

To make them realize that they were on the way to being boiled in a slowly heated up pan of oil.

Where this is going, had to be bared.

Something that the popular newspapers, media, magazines, intellectuals had proactively suppressed.  Their falsehoods were not just about how craftily they masked the crimes and criminalized the innocents.  But in not even reporting the crimes of a certain kind by certain groups, while playing up those few by folks of the other groups.

History has enough pointers on where this all ends.  But even that history was bastardized and falsified.

So, even if someone was to turn to history, he would find great joy in slavery.  British made India into a country.  They developed us.  Mughals contributed so much.  They made us rich.  Heck, they enriched our lowly useless culture and society.

In short - what is so god-damned wrong with colonization and slavery?!  It is such a breathtakingly spectacular development opportunity after all!

Slavery became the greatest aspiration of free India.

It is tough to even explain the utter villainy of this situation.  But we had almost believed it.  Almost.

And, then some years back, some of us started thinking.  Using our brains, fighting the falsehoods that had been thrust into them.  It was time to wake up.

Was Godhra a part of ISI’s larger plan to counter Operation Parakram?

When we look at the happenings in Godhra and the subsequent riots in 2002, we forget the scenario in which all those things happened.  And, these circumstances are never talked about.

Let us remind ourselves about that time.

India had two terrorist attacks:

  • October 1, 2001: Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly
  • December 13, 2001: Indian Parliament in New Delhi - twelve people, including the five terrorists who attacked the building, were killed)

Atal Behari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister.  India initiated a massive build-up against Pakistan on the border and was ready to attack.  It was called Operation Parakram.

The Indian government and the armed forces came together and planned the attack against Pakistan.  The plans were ready.

Considering that it would take three to four weeks for deployment on the western borders, the armed forces planned action for the second week of January 2002. After much debate, the service chiefs opted for a limited offensive against the terrorists' training camps in PoK.  It would essentially entail air force strikes to pulverise zones with a high concentration of camps - that's where the Tiger Squadron came in. A limited ground offensive by special forces of the army would further neutralise the camps and help occupy dominant positions on the LoC. D-day was tentatively fixed for January 14.(Source)

British Prime Minister Tony Blair flew to India in the first week of January, whereas LK Advani flew to the US on January 8.

Meanwhile, Pervez Musharraf made a speech on January 12, where he “declared that terrorism in the name of Kashmir was unjustified.”  He also banned six terrorist organizations.

But this was all elaborate nonsense.  The Pakistani terrorist groups struck again on May 14. The terrorists attacked the army residential quarters at Kaluchak cantonment in Jammu and killed 22 women and children where they killed 22 women and children.

Godhra train burning

The Godhra train burning was pre-planned by the Muslim groups in the region.

The commission found that local Muslims at the Aman guest house in Godhra had hatched a conspiracy to burn the coaches of the Karsevaks who were traveling in coach S-6.  To operationalize this plan, these local Muslims purchased 140 liters of petrol from a nearby petrol pump on the night of 26 February 2002.  The petrol was transported in a green tempo by Imran Sheru, Hasan Charkha, Jabir Behra, and Mehmood Khalid and some others and kept in the room of a guest house.  The train was late the next morning.  They changed their strategy and at around 8 am spread a false rumor that a Muslim girl (Sofiabanu Shaikh) had been abducted into the train by karsevaks. When a crowd of Muslims gathered to attack the train, the culprits used this opportunity to set the coach on fire.  Shaikh’s story, when probed by the Commission, was not consistent and was clearly fed to her after the fact.  On February 27th, Hasan Lala entered the S-6 coach after forcibly opening the vestibule between S-6 and S-7 coaches and entered the coach from the rear.  He threw burning rags to set the coach on fire.  The mob was meanwhile pelting stones to prevent the passengers from moving out of the burning train coach! (Source - Modi was not responsible for 2002 Gujarat riots - the Complete Story)

The fury of the riots thereafter was so much that the police of the state was not able to handle things.

media’s role and Army’s actions

Meanwhile the top TV anchors and channels - almost on a cue - were aggravating the situation on the ground.

In these circumstances, it was important to put a stop on the riots for a man who had just become the Chief Minister.

The full strength of the Army was not available for almost two days.  Those two days cost lost of lives.  But along with that, the redeployment cost India all the options in Operation Parakram.

But where was the army? Unlike the earlier occasions when the army stationed in Ahmedabad could move in at an hour's notice, this time it took more than two days. The troops earmarked for internal riot control duties were more than 600 km away, deployed on the border, and ready for war. To re-adjust the defences took time. The troops flown into Ahmedabad did not have transport and were unfamiliar with the geography of the city. It took them nearly three days to bring the situation under control. (Source)

Two divisions had to be diverted to Gujarat.  One division covers close to 50 to 75 km of border.  It was a huge loss to the Operation Parakram plans!

If we look at these circumstances closely.  Specifically how the Godhra was planned and then used to anger people, when the “Seculars” like Teesta started blaming the victims themselves, then it is clear that the complete planning for attacks on India was done in a multi-faceted manner!  The ISI, Pakistan Army, the Lashkar-e-Taibba, the terrorists within India, the bought and pliable media, and so-called liberal celebs within India - were all orchestrated towards one goal - an all-round attack on India and the complete humiliation of the government and the country.

Once things were taken care of in Gujarat - around early May 2002 - the troops rejoined their comrades on the border.  But by then it was too late as the Himalayan region becomes more susceptible to the infiltrators.

And, that is when the Kaluchak Cantonment was attacked on May 14th.  To further rub it into India’s wounds, while the Indian government could not respond back anymore.

multi-faceted threat

What most do not realize about what PM Modi has achieved in recent times is that he has effectively neutralized a multi-faceted war strategy by Pakistan.

This war strategy has always included the following:

  • ISI
  • Pakistan Army
  • Jihadi terror groups
  • Indian intellectuals
  • Indian Media
  • Global media
  • Internal Islamic groups
  • Opposition / “Secular” parties

They have used these players all the time to hurt India, despite playing the victim.

China and Pakistan: know them better

Here Major Gaurav Arya talks to G. Parthasarathy, ex High Commissioner to Pakistan about China, its designs, and how it uses Pakistan.  Mr. Parthasarathy is a very well experienced diplomat and has a lot of experience in this area.  So it is always informative to listen to him.  And, kudos to Major Gaurav Arya for letting him speak.

Some of the interesting things he says are:

  1. There is no Pakistan Nuclear program.  It is China’s nuclear program in Pakistan
  2. China has been bullied by other nations a lot, but when it was left alone, it has bullied others all the time.
  3. Chinese leadership grew too overconfident and China was given a thrashing by India which has made other countries sit up.
  4. Modi’s greatest achievement is how he built relationships with the Arab countries without sacrificing his relationship with Israel.  That is remarkable.  We did a lot for them and they have invested a lot of money in India as well.  Pakistan, on the other hand, has fallen off with the Saudis which is a big folly.

painting a child molester with secular paint

How the so-called “liberals” normalize the most heinous crimes in the name of Secularism is simply breath-taking.

A man - Akhlaq Salami picked up a kid sleeping in the verandah with his family and took him to a nearby park, undressed him, and started molesting him.  The kid told the police that “Akhlaq tried to push his private parts into his mouth.”

ACP Panipat, Satish Kumar Vats, told Indian Express that Akhlaq was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor boy. The child’s uncle has said that the boy broke two of his teeth and there were marks of assault on his body. As per the police, Akhlaq possibly escaped in an inebriated state and injured himself while on railway track. He alleged that the accused’s brother is sharing the images on social media and giving the incident a communal angle.  (Source)

This god-damned devil of a man hurt himself, probably get his arm cut off while he had passed off on the railway track and blamed the parents of the kid to escape the legal punishment.  But what do the fanatic Muslim vultures flashing their secular victim card say?

There is impudence, an effrontery that people have gotten used to.  Where they flash the religiosity of a certain kind and use it to normalize the most unspeakable crimes happening on our streets, even to our kids!  And, speaking against such insolent nonsense is called suppression by these cheerleaders of Secular crimes.

nota bene

History Parliament session in sheets: A unique session of Parliament will get underway on Monday with MPs sitting with plastic sheet separators and microphones on podiums in visitors’ galleries, where individual seats do not have mikes, while the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha main chambers will have a “proportionate” representation of political parties, including their leaders.  This is the first time in the history of Indian Parliament that both chambers have been integrated for holding a session. (Source)

Bengaluru beats Mumbai: Bengaluru has now officially become the second worst-affected metro city in India due to COVID-19. The pandemic is far from under control in the city which has been reporting over 5,000 cases on a daily basis for the past few weeks. As per the latest data shared by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Bengaluru now has total 1,67,183 cases of COVID-19.  Bengaluru has now left behind Mumbai to emerge as the second worst-affected metro. Mumbai has 1,65,306 cases as of Saturday. Delhi remains the worst-affected metro and the worst-affected city in the country with more than 2,14,000 cases. Pune, a non-metro, is second on the list of worst-affected cities in the country with more than 2.1 lakh (Source)

Deserted Las Vegas: For while few places have been left unaffected by the pandemic, perhaps nowhere has had its devil-may-care attitude rocked as much as this narrow pocket of Nevada.  Casinos, hotels, and shows which last year generated $60 billion (£48 billion) in tourist revenue are either almost empty or shuttered.  The entertainment mecca of the Strip, which attracted 49.5 million people in 2019 from around the world – including half a million from the UK – is neglected and deserted.  (Source)

Net Exodus from California last year: California has become a warming, burning, epidemic-challenged and expensive state, with many who live in sophisticated cities, idyllic oceanfront towns, and windblown mountain communities thinking hard about the viability of a place many have called home forever. For the first time in a decade, more people left California last year for other states than arrived. (Source)

Water battles between US and Mexico: A long-simmering dispute about shared water rights between Mexico and the United States has erupted into open clashes pitting Mexican National Guard troops against farmers, ranchers, and others who seized a dam in northern Chihuahua state. (Source)

Erdogan warns Macron: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron "not to mess" with Turkey.  His comments come as tensions between the NATO allies escalate over disputes in the eastern Mediterranean. Erdogan also said that Macron was targeting him.  “Don’t mess with the Turkish people. Don’t mess with Turkey,” Erdogan said during a televised speech in Istanbul on the 40th anniversary of the 1980 military coup. (Source)

Tibetan music

India has a wonderful array of music and arts.  At one time, Tibet was part of the larger Indian ecosystem as well.  The time has come to be inclusive of Tibet and its culture with the Indian ethos and get acquainted with its beauty.

Here is a beautiful song by one of the popular Tibetan singers.  It obviously seems like a “modern”, pop version of Tibetan local music, but it is beautiful.

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