Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #156 - Could have been Kailash!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #156 - Could have been Kailash!
aerial view of green trees and river

(Photo by Ben den Engelsen on Unsplash)

“Lastly, Tesla was born during a lightning storm. It was at the moment of his birth that the midwife wrung her hands and declared to his family that this was a bad omen. She told them “this child will be a child of darkness.” Tesla's mother immediately replied, “No, he will be a child of light.” ― Hourly History, Nikola Tesla: A Life From Beginning to End

Before we left for Kailash, our Guru spoke to us - “many amazing beings have come here and tread very carefully.  A Yogini from the South, for example, couldn’t walk with her feet in that place.  For her, it was not a piece of land… it was Shiva Himself. And it is Him there!  So when you get off there, remember the place where you are stepping is that sacred.  It will be like putting your feet on Shiva’s face.  That’s how important the place is!”

After that, our relationship with Kailash and its surroundings was something else.

One was in tears on the way back.

Even when one had been with Shiva, one came back without being enlightened.

It is not about Shiva.  It is about me.

Even when one is in Shiva’s presence in every which way, one remains untouched.


It was about me.  It was never about God.

The Kailash, the temples, the murtis, and the prana-prathishta, the mantras, the scriptures - have never been about God.  It is about us.

If we are not ready, then even Kailash is just a mountain.  If you are ready, then it is Shiva Himself.

The question is are we ready?

For, if we are not and keep believing in things that we have no experience of, then someone with another belief but a better story and a stronger platform to shout it from will win.  That is how it works.  That is how it has always worked.

In Wyoming, it was Mato Tipila.  In Tibet, it could very well be Kailash.

Nothing happens to either.  Just that for us they get embedded in our lore as something else.  And it is all gone!

NOTE: The editor was not well yesterday so couldn’t do justice to the newsletter.  That is why you did not receive one.  Apologies for that.

the scary tyrannical global dictatorship of big tech and left

There is a guy called Andrew Torba.  His tag line at the bottom of his emails reads ‘Jesus is King.’  His company has been banned by Paypal, Stripe, Square, and dozens of other payment processing providers.  In fact, he and his family have been personally blacklisted by Visa.

We will come back to him later.

hunting the messages and messengers

For now, let us do a rundown on the most egregious story ever to hit the US of A, the greatest democracy on the planet.  Or so we are told.

Joe Biden is one of the Presidential candidates.  He was the Vice President earlier.  He has a son.  Hunter Biden.  He was working with the Ukraine government and its crony companies.

One of the State Prosecutors in Ukraine who wanted to investigate the company that was paying Hunter Biden was fired.  Because Joe Biden forced the country’s President.  Or else?  Biden and Obama would stop $1 bn in aid to that country.

Strange that a US VP should be targeting a prosecutor in a far away European country but that is precisely what Biden has gloated about.

What he hasn’t is the stuff that crazy national sabotage is made of.

Someone dropped a Macbook at an Apple store in Delaware.  And never came to pick it up.  When it had been some time and there was no payment, the store owner took the possession of the computer and started to look into it.  What he found startled him. It was Hunter Biden’s Macbook with emails that showcased the most bizarre relationship between him and Ukraine.

The Macbook may very well have been a stolen one or someone got it via some great investigative journalism.  No one will know.  And, honestly one doesn’t care.  Or maybe one does - because such a treasure trove is so easy to get for someone.

The store owner tried a few places to share the content and finally found a ready listener in Rudy Guiliani.

And, that is where the story started.  The details of this story were shared by NY Post, a major daily in the US.

Normal election time stuff right.  Damning?  Sure.  Unprecedented in journalistic circles?  No.

But then strange things started happening.  Anyone who shared that NY Post story on Twitter, couldn’t.  Facebook - nope!

Interesting, huh?

At this stage, let us listen to the story, as it started off, from Tucker Carlson.  He lays it out beautifully.

At least one thing is clear - something is majorly, and I mean BIG TIME - screwed up about global politics right now.

So, the tech giants Facebook and Twitter block a political story on Joe Biden and his son’s political payoffs on the back of his father’s status as the Vice President?! Very strange!

When Joe Biden’s campaign is asked to comment, their response is simple - the news has been discredited. Discredited?  By whom?  Twitter and Facebook?

You start wondering what is going on.  In the Excel spreadsheets, this kind of nonsense is called “Circular logic.”  Listen to Tucker again.

Now, Twitter and Facebook weren’t the only ones who yanked the NY Post story off its platform.  Wikipedia also joined in the fun and games.

Following the Post’s revelations, one editor attempted to add mention of the story on an article for “Conspiracy theories related to the Trump-Ukraine scandal” citing the Post, Fox News, and the Daily Mail.  Editor “Soibangla” promptly removed the material on the story claiming “this story smells” and arguing it was based on “unreliable” sources. The editor who had added the material restored it and questioned how the Post and Fox News could be deemed unreliable. At the discussion page, Soibangla cited a list on Wikipedia of sources whose reliability has been assessed by the site community, which shows the Post listed as unreliable and Fox News discouraged for politically contentious claims. Both outlets have only recently been downgraded with Fox News being discouraged as a political source in July and the Post being deemed ureliable in a discussion last month.  Numerous conservative news outlets have been downgraded or outrightbanned from use on Wikipedia in recent years, including Breitbart News. (Source)

By taking out the stories, its promotion, and dissemination; the entire ecosystem of the Leftist/Islamist combine is trying to win a Digital global war.

In the American context, this is akin to a Civil War.  And, if this nonsense continues without remedy, it could manifest physically into one as well!

One set of ideas are being silenced, while others are given full currency.  The ideas which are being promoted are being done so on the back of an ideological strategy to overpower everything else.

Every other idea.

There is no nuance in this discussion.  There is no exchange of ideas.  There are no democratic processes.

The country is being taken over by force.

If it was just one country, one could have understood.

But it is not.  It is a civilizational war.

But before we go there, let us close our story on Andrew Torba.

He is the CEO of Gab, a Twitter competitor, where there is no censorship.  You can say whatever you want to say without any interference.

His company is being targeted by many outlets for “hate speech.”

Does that blatant targeting sound familiar?

time to think about our future

We know that Opindia has been fighting a battle against Wikipedia as well.  Check this - Opindia and Wikipedia.  Don’t be surprised if all the Dharmic platforms meet the fate of the likes of Breitbart or NY Post.

So there is a battle going on in the world via powerful tech giants.  And, we know for sure that we need our own platforms and rules.

Gab maybe a small term side thing for some, but it is obviously not a long term option for us!  We have to - simply have to work to get our own federated platform with millions on it up and running.

Check out our entire newsletter on this topic - How to create your own Social Media Ecosystem - A Guide

activism via ad films?

Remember the Tanishq advert that we discussed in the last newsletter?  Well, that ad-film was made by a film-maker called Joyeeta.  Who is she?  One who likes to do activism.

She has been expressing herself about the anti-CAA riots and protests as well as convicted criminals like Sharjeel Imam!

Are you surprised that the ad film had an intrinsic “message”.

hey, respect the ones we murdered - from spiritual wonder to the devil’s tower

There is a national monument in the US.  It is called the Devils Tower National Monument.  Devils Tower.  It was a sacred place for American Indians.  Spiritual place.

The legend around why it is called the name it is called?  It was translated as “Bad God’s Tower”.

The name "Devils Tower" originated during an 1875 scientific expedition. The Army commander in charge of the military escort, Col. Richard Dodge, wrote that "the Indians call the shaft "Bad God's Tower," which he modified to "Devil's Tower." (Source)

Currently, however, after having finished off the natives, the signs there call for “respect” for the native Americans.  Quite ironic.

Unfortunately, in the US there is hardly any real spiritual being anymore.  All those who talk about spirituality are just mere talkers.  They talk well, are maybe nice and goody-goody when the going is good.  But knowing things.  Don’t ask about that.

Here is Sadhguru, who visited the place, explaining what this place really is.  Watch this fascinating stuff!

When some talk nonchalantly about the impact of other belief systems, which considers yours as devil’s work, remember this monument.  It could have been Kailash!

nota bene

PIN Accreditation and benefits for Digital News: Signifying the growing importance of digital media, the union govt has made certain changes to the govt media policy, extending some of the facilities to digital media which are currently limited to only print and electronic media.  The govt on Friday announced that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is considering PIB accreditation for reporters, cameramen, videographers of digital media outlets. This will enable such media-persons to obtain first-hand information and access, including participation in official press conferences and such other interactions with the govt. (Source)

Kerala mortality rate THRICE national average: Kerala’s 30-day mortality moving growth rate (MGR) has reached 130%, while pan India it is only 40%.  At 867%, Kottayam district continues to have the highest 30-day mortality MGR followed by Palakkad (471%) and Alappuzha (206%). Wayanad is the only district where MGR remains 0. The state average jumped from 20 deaths per million population on September 26 to 29 deaths per million population in a fortnight. However, in Wayanad, it is steady at six deaths per million population.  The 30-day mortality MGR in Thiruvananthapuram district, which has so far seen the maximum number of Covid-19 cases and deaths, is 119%, while in Ernakulam district it is 98%.  (Source)

Maharashtra worse than emergency: The coalition government in Maharashtra headed by Shiv Sena and their chief minister Uddhav Thackeray has been dogged in its hounding of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami. After serving 3 prior notices, now, the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has now served the fourth notice to Goswami and asked him to reach the assembly within 10 minutes. (Source)

Ten of thousands of Americans Renouncing Citizenship: In the past decade, nearly 37,000 Americans expatriated, according to the Federal Register, the official journal of the federal government, which publishes the list of names quarterly.  But this year promises to set a record.  In the first two quarters, more than 5,300 people turned in their passports or green cards, nearly matching the total that expatriated in all of 2016, the previous record-setting year, according to the published list. If the trajectory persists, more than 10,000 people could renounce by the end of the year. (Source)

Teacher in France Beheaded for showing Mohammad’s pic in class: A man armed with a knife on Friday killed a middle school history teacher by slitting his throat in front of his school in a suburb of Paris, police said, in an attack that was being treated as terrorism.  The attacker was shot dead by a police patrol a few streets away. The teacher had shown pupils in his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, which are considered by Muslims to be blasphemous, according to a police source.  (Source)

interesting geography - things you won’t know

I am a sucker for things that are right in front of you and logical but not easily discerned by a layman’s eye.  Very little is known about the Latin American continent.  It is beautiful, large, and incredibly gifted in resources.  A lot of devastation has happened.  Yet, people are beautiful.  Have been to Venezuela and been to many amazing small towns there.

Here is a video that will leave you with the information I can bet you wouldn’t have realized.


Check out today’s “The Drishtikone Daily” edition.

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