Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #311 - Woke Hate and Swami a CIA mole?

Hate should never be the driving factor for justice. If it is - then it will lead to tyranny, death, bigotry, and rape. Independent investigator Vijay Patel lays our astonishing facts on Dr. Swamy.

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #311 - Woke Hate and Swami a CIA mole?
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“If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Hate has a curse.  When you hate something or someone, you become like the object of your hate.

All those who have “fought for equality” with hatred as the key weapon have become the world’s great tyrants killing millions of humans.  Remorselessly.  It was part of their view of the world.

When Ram went to fight Ravan, it was never fueled by hatred for Ravan, but love for Sita.  That is why he was able to bow down to Ravan even after killing him.  That is why he made the correct decisions for the people of Lanka.

Because hate for the “other” was not the driving factor.  Love for one's own was.

From Leninists to Maoists to Indian Communists to today’s Wokes - the “justice warriors” have left behind a trail of death, rape, torture, and hate.

It is important to call this hate out, just as the one they profess to fight.

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1. Woke Racism and Hatred

Tomes have been written about how the Christian Right in the West has spread racism.  Many have risen against the entitlement and aggression that created colonialism and slavery where one man could formally enslave and torture another.

Just as the Leninists who fought the tyrannical Czars became even worse subjugators of humans, and Mao killed more humans than anyone else in modern human history after the British, the leftists who started out fighting the racism of the Christian Right in the West has now created an ideology that is tyrannical as well.  It is as racist and downright bigoted as the one they were fighting.

For example, see how New York Times enables hatred against Whites to become the new normal in the US.  Yes, the history of the Europeans in the US or most of the world is certainly not glorious.  Even recent events have not been.  But to create a movement to justify the killing of Whites is just as bigoted and racist as the killing of George Floyd was!

According to The New York Times, woke "experts" openly spoke about how letting the older populations who are also whiter die helps "level the playing field." An infectious disease expert at Harvard even argued that teachers weren't essential workers because "they are often very white." For anyone ever wondering how a death panel of government-run health care might operate in practice, these woke experts' normalization of racism should send chills down the spine. (Source: Newsweek)

You see when you fight an enemy using your hatred then you become your enemy’s caricature.  When you fight for your own good, then your fight is not against an enemy but for yourself.

That never happened with the Left or their extremist cousins, the Wokes. Maochun Yu writes in his article entitled “Beijing’s Woke Propaganda War in America” about how the Woke-Left is being used by the Chinese establishment in the West.

Closely following the guidelines on propaganda laid out in classic Marxist-Leninist writings, the CCP has conducted a century-long propaganda campaign against two targets: its own people, and the world’s democracies. For communists, propaganda is not a morally reprehensible act characterized by false representation of truth. Rather, propaganda is a virtue, a necessarily positive and crucial practice of governance. The CCP’s domestic propaganda campaign against its own people is blunt and direct. It is achieved through absolute monopoly and total control of all news and information platforms, complete censorship, and coerced, and systemic indoctrination. Outside information is kept out behind a Great Firewall. The Party’s foreign propaganda is more sophisticated, and chillingly effective. Leveraging Western elites’ weakness and gullibility, plus the vulnerability of open societies, the CCP’s massive overseas propaganda campaigns can be delineated into four general categories: disinformation, elite capture, coerced self-censorship, and brainwashing. (Source: Hoover Institute)

In countries and democracies like India, the Wokes are a tool used by both - the Chinese establishment and the American establishment.

And, the use of hate and obnoxious ways is central to the Leftist strategy (Read Issue #212 - Rule of the Obnoxious).

The hatred that is fueled by the powers like George Soros’ organization (Issue #262 - How Freedom House Subverts Democracies) and the Chinese establishment against the Indian civilization is being normalized as a just way to be.

Recently, one participant in a Clubhouse room captured this discussion.  It is creepy, misogynistic and outright criminal.  Some people, who openly profess hatred for “Sanghis” (a pejorative used by the so-called “Wokes” for Hindus who speak up for themselves in the face of crimes and hate against them), are proudly claiming how they would lure, molest and rape “Sanghi females” - “like a paperbag”.

At this, the women in that room start laughing and cheering.

Just as the invaders and the tyrants have used rape as a tool to humiliate and assert their hate for a group of people, these so-called “Wokes” are vehemently professing the same.

When someone called the obvious criminal comments out, the female cheerleader of these self-professed rapists, brought out the “Gay card”.  That “Kadamboor” (Neeraj) is gay so he has a god-given right to go rape anyone he wants.  Once you have listened to the discussion, you know who that guy was talking about.

But these Wokes, the hate-mongers, and rape-celebrating bigots are not only not reported or taken down by the social media companies, but they are also backed by many corporations.

Corporations, as this article (along with the video) suggests, that are acting Woke are basically using the Chinese model of business.

More than 100 corporation leaders have done a Davos by laptop to vilify Republicans and validate their progressive credentials. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

It is time to call out the obvious hypocrisy and make these powers pay for their crimes against humanity, which are being perpetrated by certain state and non-state actors via the Woke weaponizing.

2. Tweet Thread of the Day: Dr. Swamy and CIA

Vijay Patel, a private investigating machine on Twitter has exposed many things in the past.  We have also used what he has shared when we used his based research and then took it further with respect to the Punjabi Entertainment industry - read Issue #210 - Exposing Punjabi Entertainment Industry.

You like to read this one thread which is just mind-boggling in its content and import.  Also shows why Modi has steadfastly ensured Dr. Swamy stays out of the power halls of his government.

He starts off with how Dr. Swamy went to the US - as he was funded by Rockefeller.  The entire thread is here (Twitter or ThreadreaderApp)

And, then explains how the CIA got to work better with the Indian establishment after the Rajiv-Sonia marriage.

What about Dr. Swamy?

Well, even Vajpayee knew that he was a CIA operative in India.  That is why Swamy never got the Finance portfolio.

Sometimes, we may not know why a leader is making certain decisions.  We do not have all the knowledge.  We can only trust the judgment of those whose character we trust.

Other things of note

Twitter falls in line: A Twitter spokesperson said: “We understand the importance of these regulations and have endeavored in good faith to comply, including hiring personnel in India. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for us to take necessary steps to comply, within the given time frame.” “We have appointed a Nodal Officer and a Resident Grievance officer on a contract basis and are looking to fill positions on a permanent basis. We are in the advanced stages of finalizing the appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer and will share details within a week. (Source)


NYT’s “Watermelon fields on Mars” moment: This afternoon, the prominent newspaper published an article making a surprising claim about exobiology: that watermelons had been discovered on Mars.“Authorities say the rise of fruit aliens is to blame for glut of outer space watermelons,” read the story, which was deleted less than an hour later, according to a partial cache of its contents on Google News. “The FBI declined to comment on reports of watermelons raining down, but confirmed that kiwis have been intercepted.” An archived snapshot of the story shows that the story was just a stub. (Source)

French to oust English from EU: FRANCE is reportedly plotting to use its EU presidency to topple English as the bloc's most commonly spoken language. When Emmanuel Macron’s government takes over the rotating EU Council presidency next year, its mother tongue will be used in meetings, it's claimed.  France will also plough cash into free language classes for foreign diplomats to learn French, a source told the Daily Telegraph.  Clement Beaune, France's Europe minister, said: "Even though the French language is alive, flourishing, and its teaching is developing around the world, it is at home, within the European institutions, that it suffers. (Source)

New Yorkers under the gaze: New York City residents in just three boroughs live and work under the watchful gaze of over 15,000 cameras. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has the ability to run the images they capture through software that matches faces to identities—though not always reliably. The result is not just a loss of privacy for those under constant scrutiny, but also the potential for confrontations with law enforcement. "The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has the ability to track people in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx by running images from 15,280 surveillance cameras into invasive and discriminatory facial recognition software," according to Amnesty International. "Thousands of volunteers from around the world participated in the investigation, tagging 15,280 surveillance cameras at intersections across Manhattan (3,590), Brooklyn (8,220) and the Bronx (3,470)." (Source)

Ransomware attack on US Congress: At least 60 members of Congress from both parties have been unable to access data for weeks in the latest ransomware attack to strike the United States.  It's the latest cyber-attack after a series of hacks against the US executive branch and American companies have left many institutions feeling vulnerable and the Biden administration struggling to deal with the situation. (Source)

market corner: 10 quick bytes

  1. Whatfix, a digital adoption solutions platform raises $90 million in funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 - more
  2. Govt hikes paddy MSP by Rs 72/qtl to Rs 1,940 for 2021-22 crop year - more
  3. Exports jump 52.39% to $7.71 billion during June 1-7, imports surge 83% - more
  4. Adani Wilmar prepares to launch IPO of nearly $1 billion In 2021 - more
  5. Congestion-free connectivity to Mussoorie town soon! Consultancy appointed for Mussoorie Tunnel construction - more
  6. IISc is the world's top research university in QS rankings - more
  7. JSW Steel sues top US competitors for metal ‘conspiracy’ (says three of the largest American steelmakers conspired to stifle competition by refusing to sell raw metal to its U.S. pipe and plate-making operations) - more
  8. Act East Policy: Interoperability and maritime security the focus of India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol (Indo-Thai CORPAT) - more
  9. A science foundation promoted by eminent scientists, academics, and management professionals to start a project to help India fight future pandemics on the anvil, ILSF hopes to fund - more
  10. White House drops Trump's executive orders trying to ban TikTok, WeChat - more

video corner: Eating with an isolated tribe

‘Sonny’ is a travel/food vlogger from the US, who calls Vietnam his home. In this video, he shares the eating habits and food of the Korowai People from Indonesia.  They are the Tree People of Papua New Guinea. (Source)

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