Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #146 - Caste is NOT proof of a crime!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #146 - Caste is NOT proof of a crime!

(Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash)

“Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.” ― Mark Twain

The caste of a man cannot be the basis for the judgment of his crime.   Only hard evidence is.

It does not matter who the heck you are until the evidence says unambiguously that you are the perpetrator of a crime.  Until then you are innocent in the eyes of law.  And, that is how it ought to be.

Unfortunately, and sickeningly symptomatic of the leftists’ ways in India, the unscrupulous are busy indicting the four accused as “criminals and rapists” on only one basis.


“See, they are higher caste”, goes their innuendo.

So what?!

So what if someone is of a certain caste.  Is life a novel written by bigots that the story has to fall neatly into the ideological casts that the leftists dream of in their diabolical moments?

But in the case of Hathras, that is precisely what is going on.  The leftist media has already declared the 4 guys to be rapists.  Nay, gang-rapists.

Now, goes the leftist credo “How dare you even speak for these ‘rapists’, who we have so certified?”

Excuse me?  You were fighting for and calling confirmed terrorists - Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru who had a record of killing innocents, as purest things on this planet after God’s own shit!  And, you have the god-damned nerve to peddle such nonsense without proof?

The “evidence” against these four is only rhetorical at best.  And the story put forth has so many holes, that it lets chai-patti through it along with the chai!

Either we are a society of laws or we are a banana republic.  We cannot pretend to be a lawful society when all we are doing is infest the society with complete lawlessness.

why has no ground reporting been done from Hathras?

All the reports from the mainstream media have simply been only with respect to talking points and the victim’s family.  As if what they are saying is the Universal truth.  That is nonsensical.

Their story just doesn’t add up.

It is said that the victim, her mother, and brother - whose name also happens to be Sandeep - were there when the alleged crime happened.  The girl and her mother were cutting grass.

Rank Garden Sickle, RGTC 2143, Rs 175 /piece Rank Engineering | ID:  5379816991

The villagers use a sickle like this one above.  With two sickles and women, it is remarkable how such a major crime was committed so efficiently, quietly, and without any use of the weapon above on the accused?

So, the story is that while those four guys were gang-raping after forcibly pulling the girl away, her mother:

  • didn’t do anything?
  • watched them take away without raising hue and cry?
  • didn’t run to get help?  Let’s face it - four guys raping a girl while violating her to a point of killing her doesn’t happen in 5 minutes.  She could have raised hell and asked for help
  • none of the guys thought of harming the mother to keep her quiet?  That is quite strange, isn’t it?  Either the mother was a mute witness or she would have been harmed to keep her quiet.

The villagers are sharing that everyone knew of their enmity and the whole love angle.  The thing is that no one has even cared to look at the reality on the ground at all.

And, this whole caste angle is dog whistle for the international audience.  The father of the accused is not a very rich person.  The caste is only in name now.

Here is how the conversation goes between the reporter and the accused’s father:

R: There are talks of CBI & Narco tests. Are you okay with that?

F: Yes, completely. It should happen. If my son is guilty, he should be punished. My son & the girl might be calling each other so they had something going on between them. The girl's family informed me about it & I beat up my son. But still both of them didn't listen & because of that they killed their daughter.

R: So this matter between two families is old?

F: yes. The Gram Panchayat had also been involved. We're Thakurs only in name. We're below these people. No one is helping us or even listening to us. Now look at me, my son is arrested but still I have to come to work out of helplessness.

Another person from the village, who knew another accused says that the accused was with him.  Also, the third one was actually in his factory and his video there is also being circulated.

The questions this guy is raising are quite valid.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this whole situation.  And, the way the left media is strutting around calling out the crime and criminals as if they have already given the judgment is truly sickening.

The first alleged accused are, well, accused!  Just hearsay until investigations and evidence say something conclusively.

His caste does not make the accused a confirmed killer!  If that is how we are to go about judging crimes, then the Indian judicial system needs to real overhaul!  Because it is bigoted and casteist to the core!

Evidence decides the criminal.

Not someone’s caste or a bigot’s ideological nonsense.

Also, check out this thread for more information.

US Code Red?

It is a very serious time in the US.  President Trump is down with COVID and reports about his health, despite his discharge are sketchy.

Important members of his staff have also been infected with COVID.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence, the only Republican option for President, in case something happens to Trump, is also leaving for an election campaign tour.  Which people think is not a wise move.

He’s the GOP’s one line of defense between a hospitalized commander in chief and a President Nancy Pelosi, and he’s about to depart Washington on a four-day campaign swing in the middle of his boss’ health crisis. (Source)

So some people are already fancying chances of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house being the President of the United States!

Meanwhile, Trump took some very important measures, which signify something serious underway.  It is almost like a quick lightning national security measures, while he is away.

These are important minerals.

Rare earth elements are a group of 17 minerals critical to the defense industry’s manufacturing of missiles and munitions, hypersonic weapons, and radiation-hardened electronics — as well as consumer electronics like cellphones. The Trump administration previously identified 35 minerals as both essential and whose supplies are vulnerable to disruption. (Source)

The question to ask here is - Why now?  After all, the shift to China for these minerals’ import did not happen in a day.  Its probably been going on for some decades.  What has changed?

India positioning itself for China

India is also making its moves to counter China in the seas.

This comes along with another first - US Navy’s long-range anti-submarine warfare and maritime surveillance aircraft, P-8 Poseidon, refueled at India’s strategic base in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the first time.  This means that the US and India have a joint partnership in the area.

India already has been given access to Sabang island port by Indonesia 2 years back.

Indonesia has agreed to give India economic and military access to the strategic island of Sabang at the northern tip of Sumatra and close to the Malacca Strait, an Indonesian minister said on Thursday. (Source)

What this shows is India’s focus on Malacca Strait - the access for China’s 80% trade.

The red mark is the Indonesian island

Keep your eyes open for more agreements being done in this area.

nota bene

Disproportionate assets worth Rs 75 crores: After conducting several raids at multiple locations throughout Monday, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) accused Congress leader Shivakumar of amassing disproportionate assets worth Rs 75 crore.  “The CBI has registered a case against former Minister of Karnataka Government(Presently MLA) on the allegations of possession of disproportionate assets to the tune of Rs.74.93 crore(approx) in his name and in the name of his family members,” the agency said issuing a statement.

Indian IT firms to take on Google: India’s leading internet firms and startups from across sectors are coming together to form an alliance with “Indian companies only” as they take on US tech giants like Google, which has faced the heat from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem over its recent billing policy. This development comes after the government held a meeting with the country’s top entrepreneurs on Saturday evening with the latter accusing Google of having monopolistic policies in India.  Last week, Google had “clarified” that education, gaming, dating, and other content apps must use its billing system in India for in-app purchases as long as the apps are distributed through its Play Store. This triggered another debate over Google’s influence, whose Android operating system controls over 95% of smartphones in the country after it took down the Paytm app for several hours last month for violation of its policies.  The entrepreneurs are preparing a draft of recommendations to be sent to the government within two weeks. (Source)

Vocational institutes closing down: Hundreds of thousands of students training for short-term and even long-term vocations—from sewing machine operators and LED Light repair technicians to plumbers and retail sales associates—are stranded as skilling institutes remained shut for over six months. Out of funds, many of the private training companies face an existential crisis. They cannot pay rentals. Some have shut shop, laying off their trainers, counselors, hostel wardens, security, and the placement staff.  (Source)

Connected Two Large Objects in Quantum Entanglement: The researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen conducted the experiment using a 13 nanometre-thick, millimeters-long silicon nitride membrane (or drum) that buzzed lightly when struck with photons.  Those photons, or particles of light, came courtesy of a thin fog of a billion caesium atoms spinning inside the confines of a small, cold cell.  Despite being two very different objects, the millimeters-long drum and the fog of atoms represent an entangled system - and they push the limits of quantum mechanics.

exploring the Native Indian spirituality in America - a 10,000-mile journey

Sadhguru is on a very unique journey across the United States these days.  During this troublesome period, he is exploring a dimension of America that was destroyed long back and has almost been lost.  On the 10,000-mile motorcycle journey that will explore both the internal and external landscapes of the United States, Sadhguru will ride from Tennessee through over 15 states to explore the history, culture, and lives of the Native Americans.

In this very beautiful video, he meets one of the Chiefs of the Native Indians.  Their meeting indeed seems very beautiful.

You will see Chief Izzy Black Spotted Horse of the Lakota people warmly welcoming Sadhguru and honoring him with a gift of sacred feathers - a sign of immense respect.


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