Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #50: Return of the Corona and the Chinese Situation

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone

Either we all have a gun or no one does, except those who keep law and order - based on laws agreed by everyone. In a society that is built on mutually agreed principles - called a Constitution.

The guarantee of a Constitution is that it presents everyone in a society with a platform to be equal. Where freedom is available to all within limits. Society’s greatest strength is that we complement. No one needs to have everything. But everyone should have the freedom to be what s/he wants to be.

When a society is for mutual co-existence, then why is it that some can betray the entire society and yet characterize it as their “freedom” to do so.

Fissures in a society are not innocent. Those chasms breed disease and slavery.

Apart from the enlightened, very few enter another’s domain to contribute. It is often accompanied with the intent to annex.

That is why treason should be taken seriously. Very seriously. Even hunted down. And any argument to the contrary should be identified and fought intellectually, legally, and socially.

Remember, the allowance of treason brings only one eventuality - slavery. Its hues may differ. But the stink of subjugation, helplessness and misery is unmistakable.

scary corona spike!

The opening up of the lockdown restrictions is creating major issues around the US now. There was a 69% increase in just 2 days in California!

California reported an additional 7,149 Covid-19 cases since Tuesday, a 69% increase in two days, bringing the state’s total to 190,222 cases, according to the state’s health department. (Source)

Meanwhile a large family party in Northern California infected 12 people in a single day!

A large family party in Northern California has left at least 12 people stricken with COVID-19, most with symptoms, Shasta County health officials report. (Source)

As a result, the COVID cases have surged back to levels seen at the peak of the outbreak, as five states hit record single-day COVID numbers (Source)

Its not just US alone. Fresh outbreaks have occurred in Brazil and Germany as well. In fact, one day saw over 183,000 new cases globally!

The largest single-day increase in global coronavirus cases was recorded on Sunday, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), after more than 183,000 new cases were reported worldwide. (Source)

India too saw a big spike yesterday. It saw 465 deaths and 15,968 new coronavirus infections in a single day (Source)!

These global spikes have hit the market today as well.

Stock market news live updates: Stock selloff accelerates as coronavirus cases surge in some states

Stocks fell Wednesday morning, following global equities lower as rising numbers of Covid-19 infections in some regions spooked investors.

intriguing facts about the chinese situation

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra’s reports are the most incisive during this time. Here you can see two large ambulances apart from black limos at the site. Obvious question - so how many people did the Chinese lose? @Iyervval’s tweet.

Now, this tweet shows very interesting gif which shows how the river flow changed before and after the June 15th battle. Here is the gif for you to see.

We are seeing one guy - posing as an ex-Army guy - Ajai Shukla - has been spewing venom against anyone who is either talking for India or against China. Want to know his history? We had done a detailed piece on the characters who were there in Mani Shankar Aiyar’s home along with Pakistani consulate folks. We had a special section for Ajai Shukla. Please do read it and you will know exactly why he is batting for the Chinese.

Detailed Analysis of the Characters Who Sold India In Mani Shankar Aiyar's Home That Night - Drishtikone

Detailed Analysis of the Characters Who Sold India In Mani Shankar Aiyar's Home That Night - Drishtikone

18 people with dark plans and suspect intentions met on December 6th night to plot against India’s National Interest. Mani Shankar Aiyar was the host. What transpired there was shameful!


And, for those who are betting against PM Modi and rooting for an anti-India approach to bring Modi down can get a reality check from a new poll.

A IANS CVoter snap poll says that 61 per cent do not trust Rahul Gandhi on national security. As for Modi, the survey found that India overwhelmingly trusts Prime Minister Narendra Modi to handle China.

But they want commensurate retribution against China. The mood against China is quite negative at the moment! In fact, over 68% people would boycott Chinese products.

India trusts Modi to handle China, but want befitting reply: Survey

The IANS CVoter snap poll says that 61 per cent do not trust Rahul Gandhi on national security.


nota bene

Bilateral Air bubbles?: India has proposed establishing air travel “bubbles” with several countries including the United States, Germany, and France on the lines of “air bridges” or “Covid-safe travel zones” that have been conceptualised by countries that have managed to fully or partially contain the outbreak. The Ministry of Civil Aviation is negotiating the setting up of travel bubbles to restart scheduled international passenger flights (Source)

Major Dairy push: India’s dairy farming gets Rs 15,000 cr to fuel milk output, export, employment, under Modi’s pashudhan scheme (Source)

Saharan Dust Cloud: We had discussed a few days back. Now, this cloud has reached the Caribbeans and is headed for the US. A massive plume of Saharan dust has shrouded swathes of the Caribbean, turning blue skies into a milky-brown haze and sparking health warnings across the region as air quality fell to unhealthy levels (Source)

Mysterious dead star: On August 14th, 2019, the International LIGO-Virgo Collaboration – an array of antennae in the US and Italy – detected odd gravitational waves. The readings indicated that an object with a mass 2.6 times that of the sun was gobbled up by a black hole 780 million years ago. That’s strange, because very few objects with that mass should be able to exist. (Source)

the lost decade?

How will the Coronavirus crisis impact global businesses? Here is a very informative video. Watch it!

We Are Entering “The Lost Decade” - The Economic Collapse of the 2020’s

We Are Entering “The Lost Decade” - The Economic Collapse of the 2020’s

By Desh

lede and the nutgraf - making sense of daily clutter

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