Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #81: Why not kill the thousands?

Through the infinite vastness of consciousness, I steal my individuality. It is fleeting I know. But pride in that momentary existence is intoxicating.

White light pours on this table; but brown it looks.

Pure love enters me; but Me I become.

Are we what we get; or what we let go?

A red rose petal in a white light holds all colors but lets go of red. It is not known by what it holds. But by what it lets go.

What I hold back from the world even when the infinite consciousness passes through me is how I distort the consciousness. My hoarding is my attempt to distort.

What part I let go doesn’t change the consciousness. It just defines me.

The entire work for those on the Spiritual path is just this. How to hoard the least. Or none at all.

For the only path to Divine, is to let the Divine pass through you without hoarding, distorting it.

We are not what we hoard. We are what we let through.

“The irrationality of a thing is not an argument against its existence, rather, a condition of it.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

canceling babri structure and outright hate

When the structures of subjugation and slavery were brought down in the US and other places, it was a time to rejoice for the left.

In India, however, their view of subjugation and genocide is different. When it is a Hindu being killed, raped or hit, it is a very secular event.

“You decided to divide crores of people for saving lives of just a few thousands of karsevaks?.” (Source)

This was the question of the NDTV anchor to Kalyan Singh who explained that lakhs had gathered at the structure called Babri Masjid to bring that monument to slavery, bigotry and hate down, and he had ordered that no bullets should be used. Never mind that the “divide” never happened. It just got a new excuse!

Just pause here. Read the question from the anchor to Kalyan Singh after knowing that lakhs were gathered.

Let the deviousness of the NDTV anchor sink in. “Just the lives of a few thousand karsevaks.”

So many had gathered to bring down the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike. Pike was a man who had mutilated the Union Army soldiers and is said to have written the rituals of theKu Klux Klan. Imagine someone accusing the government of not shooting the protesters who brought the statue down?

Babar was known to have rejoiced in building towers of Hindu skulls during the wars. He did so after the battle with Rana Sanga at Khanua and also after the battle at Chanderi.

[March 17, 1527] When the army was camped at Koh Bachcha, they were ordered to erect a tower of infidel skulls on top of the mountain. (Baburnama, f. 325b)

Erecting towers of skulls of Hindus his Army had butchered was something that was a regular practice with him.

According to autobiographical historical record of Emperor Babur, Tuzak-i Babari, Babur’s campaign in northwest India targeted Hindu and Sikh pagans as well as apostates (non-Sunni sects of Islam), and immense number of infidels were killed, with Muslim camps building “towers of skulls of the infidels” on hillocks. Source (Tuzak-i Babari: The Autobiography of Babur)

This is the man, who built monument to his ego as he denigrated and destroyed an ancient Hindu temple. That monument, which some bigots insisting on calling a mosque was what the protesters at Ayodhya canceled on December 6, 1992.

If worship is the goal of a Muslim in a mosque then Babri structure was never a mosque to begin with.

How can anyone call something a place of worship that is inherently and primarily an ode to a bigot’s ego and his psychopathic celebration of subjugation and humiliation of another human being?

This is what the NDTV anchor was batting for when he wanted to know why Kalyan Singh did not kill thousands of Hindu protesters who were gathered in Ayodhya that fateful day.

This Hindu-hatred is not unique to that NDTV anchor. On February 27, 2002 - in Godhra, Gujarat; 60 Hindus were burnt alive (men, women, old people, kids) in a train where an entire bogey was set on fire while the Muslim mobs shut down the doors and windows so no one could escape! Teesta Setalvad, who interestingly became the “champion of Minority Rights” gave a statement on the massacre of the Hindus, where she justified the dastardly act by the perpetrators.

‘Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.’ (source)

Kids. Women. Old men. 10 years after the canceling of Babri structure - just visiting the city of Ayodhya was still a crime punishable by burning alive.

That is the level of Hinduphobia in the Indian liberal crowd.

Dehumanizing the Hindu - Drishtikone

Those who call themselves Secular and Liberal have institutionalized dehumanization and subsequent persecution against the Hindus.

This dehumanization of the Hindu is not limited to India. What happened to Tulsi Gabbard - as she was excluded from US Presidential debates - was a manifestation of that as well.

Kab kaun kise maar de yahan Kafir keh kar - drishtikone

What is happening in India right now is a normalization of Islamic-leftist Supremacism.

stealing achievements Nehru style

Ram Richpal was born in the village of Garhi Sampla, Rohtak district, Punjab Province . He was the youngest of his siblings.

So, he was called Chhotu Ram.

He graduated from St. Stephen’s College in 1905 with a distinction in Sanskrit. Joined Congress Party but parted ways to form Union Party.

Sir Chhotu Ram (knighted in 1937) had a dream since 1923. Of a dam in Punjab - which was later known as Bhakra Nangal Dam.

Sir Chhotu Ram worked with the Raja of Bilaspur and as the Revenue Minister of Punjab, signed the agreement for the Bhakra Dam in November 1944! The project plan was finalized on 8 January 1945.

The preliminary construction on the dam started in 1946 by Sir Louis Dane, who was the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. But the work stopped due to the partition and the events around India’s independence. The project was again dusted in 1948. Nehru poured a bucket of concrete in November 1955 to start the dam construction yet again and the 1st phase was completed in 1963.

What was conceived, planned and architected by Sir Chhotu Ram in 1944, and completion delayed by Nehru administration until 1963, came to be known as “Temple of democracy” and ironically hailed as an achievement of Nehru and his gift to India!

History Lies - Nehru was NOT the Father of Bhakra Dam, Sir Chhotu Ram was! - Drishtikone

Nehru has very little role in the planning and conceiving of Bhakra Dam - Sir Chhotu Ram was the Father of the Dam!

longest uninterrupted train ride in the world!

Train journeys are always special. We all love them. The train ride from Porto, Portugal to Hanoi, Vietnam is the longest train ride in the world!

The longest single uninterrupted train journey, including transfers, does indeed stretch beyond London and Beijing. Starting from the Portuguese coast, one can travel by train not just into China but all the way to southern Vietnam, a distance of 17 000 km (10 566 mi).

This 17,000 miles journey and it takes 13.5 days one way and you need not even leave the train except changing compartments

The Longest Train Ride in the World - Basement Geographer

The Longest Train Ride in the World - Basement Geographer

Its a 17,000 miles journey,

This is one journey that I would like to take in a world without COVID. Part of travel bucket-list?

nota bene

Punjab hooch tragedy: Punjab among the top three states in terms of liquor consumption as per a survey in 2019 (source). In the latest hooch tragedy - the death toll has risen to 86 with 48 more people reported dead. Seven excise and six police officials have been suspended. A mafia mastermind, a woman kingpin, a transport owner, a wanted criminal and owners and managers of various dhabas from where the illicit liquor was being supplied are among the arrested accused. (Source)

Pak planning Terror Attack on Aug 5: Intelligence sources told IANS that Pakistan Army’s SSG, a special force which is skilled in unconventional warfare (cross-border terrorism), has trained around 20 Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists in Afghanistan to carry out attacks in India ahead of 5 August, the first anniversary of the Article 370 abrogation and 15 August, the Independence Day. (Source)

Warning Kangana?: Kangana Ranaut on Saturday claimed she heard gunshots near her home in Manali. Kullu district police, upon reaching her residence, said they did not find any evidence immediately. Some say it may be firecrackers. Firecrackers in Manali near apple orchards and forest at 11.30 pm? Or were they warning shots? (Source)

Most Valuable company: Apple Inc. became the world’s most valuable company with its market value overtaking Saudi Aramco in the wake of better-than-expected earnings. (Source)

provocative questions and deep thinking

Provocative questions is his mojo. If you read Urban Naxals or watch Tashkent Files, you know that pushing the envelope is what comes to Vivek Agnihotri naturally. We at Drishtikone have been fortunate and indeed honored to collaborate and share some of the information used by VRA TV in its episode “Why Democracy is Dead?”

He is asking a question and sharing research that many have not even looked into or cared for. Watch it for it will start a major debate in the country.

VRA TV | Why democracy is dead?

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