Introspection Break

These two weeks I am spending on soaking India, its milieu and the changes. Will be back with a substantive discussion in the week after next.

Introspection Break
Photo by Laurentiu Morariu / Unsplash
woman in white jacket standing beside train
Photo by Tushar Arora / Unsplash

I came to India last week and have been meeting several people. Some influential and connected and some on the streets. Some friends and some acquaintances. Some family and some strangers.

Trying to make sense of the country and the society and which way it is going and what went wrong in the elections.

Am soaking and introspecting.

It will take me some time to come to terms with what I am realizing.

This week and the next, therefore, I will not share any detailed newsletter due to the hectic schedule. I will work on it for the week when I am back in the US.

Will be honest with my analysis and sharing when I write next. Meanwhile, please do check the archives and read several of our detailed analysis that we have done on several topics.

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Also, earlier this week I recorded a detailed podcast with none other than Vivek Agnihotri. Very few people in public life have such a command, wisdom and insights as him. That day we must have ended up speaking for a total of 7 hours non-stop.

That will keep me intellectually alive for the next one year.

Stimulating, intense, in-depth and overall insightful is what I can think of it. Am still trying to calibrate my entire thought process and analysis basis that.

So, please keep a watch out for our discussion on "I Am Buddha" Podcast Youtube channel. And until then, please watch out other podcasts which are equally engaging.

I Am Buddha
Because no one was born uncreative. You are Buddha. I am Buddha. We are Buddhas. #IAmBuddha is a non-profit org to promote creativity for Indic Renaissance.

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