Invaluable Lessons from Encounters with Serial Killers

Invaluable Lessons from Encounters with Serial Killers

Above everything that we have, there is a sense of how one perceives things around her or him.  A sharpened sense of intuition and understanding things can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.  Ran into some interesting stories of people who had encountered serial killers and how they were saved.

Chill of a serial killer’s evil

First story is of a lady named Lisa Perry.  She was 17 in 1974 and in Seattle.  One day, her boyfriend and her had gone to Lake Sammamish where she was sunbathing near a building while her boyfriend was chatting with some folks just 50 yards away.  A man kept walking past her and then he approached her asking if she wanted to go with her in his canoe.  When she refused and said she was with her boyfriend, he requested if she could she help him launch the canoe into the water.  She immediately said that she is not strong enough, but her boyfriend could.  And she started walking to him.  Her boyfriend immediately felt the evil vibes of the man and responded in the rudest way possible – “get the hell away from her and from us.”

The man turned around and said one thing to Lisa directly ‘this is your lucky day.’  She didn’t get it at that time.  Later she found out that the man was Ted Bundy and that very day he had murdered two girls at that lake and they both resembled Lisa in stature and how they wore their hair!

That day, ability of Lisa and her boyfriend to sense something beyond words and readily available information saved them, at least Lisa for sure.

Pouring rain and frightening evil

The second story is of Eash Boyd.  She was 10 or 11 and was living in Racine, Wisconsin.  It is a small town on Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Chicago.  She went to a Catholic school and lived with her granny.  She was returning from her school and it was raining heavily.  The bus was late that day as she stood in the rain.  Then a brown-colored Chevy drove past her and then came down the street again.

There was a man and a woman in that car.  The woman rolled the window down and asked: “Hey, darling, it’s pouring down out here, would you like a ride?” Eash refused for some reason – said she felt a weird look in her eyes despite her smile.  They didn’t leave though.  And the woman asked once more with more authority, while the man was looking intently at Eash, in an uncomfortable way.

She asked why I was alone at the stop, “Where is yo’ momma?” she said. I said, “I’m not alone, my brother just ran in that house to get his friend before the bus comes”; that lie slid right out of my mouth.

At that point this lady started to get out of the car.  And Eash ran and started beating on a random door and started shouting “James, the bus is coming”.  And just then the bus came.  The whole situation unnerved her.

The man asked the woman to get in “Close the door Debra.”  She didn’t know why was she trembling and frightened and why had even refused a car ride from a couple with a woman in it, when it was pouring!   She came to know of that years later.

Years later, I was watching a crime show and saw a picture of Alton Coleman and Debra Brown and immediately recognized the woman. Although I only saw the man from the side, I was sure it was him. That hair was unforgettable. I broke into a cold sweat all those years later.

Eash’s ability to intuitively know that something was off, saved her that day, when anyone else would have taken the offer of a ride in that pouring rain!

They had raped and murdered men, women, and children across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Serial Killer, Ted Bundy and his creeps

It was the 1970s and Lorri Robinson worked as a computer operator for the City of Pensacola, Florida.  They had two buildings (City Hall and City Hall annex) and mainframes in both for which she did the backups and worked at night.  There was a parking lot between the buildings.  She was walking across the parking lot to the city hall.

Just then a man came out of a Beetle parked there with an arm in a cast and a sling on it.  He said “Miss, could you come here for a moment? I need some help,”

Ted Bundy’s Beetle in which he committed many of his crimes

Lorri suggested that she will call the emergency line and get him help.  He said no, it was just a small thing and he needed help because of his arm being in a sling.

For some reason, she felt very creepy just looking at him.

So, she ran to the City Hall backdoor and went in and as she was trying to lock the door, the man jumped up the stairs and tried to force his way in.  Thankfully she locked the door just in time.  She called the police and requested the officer to stay back for the rest of the night.

After just three days, Ted Bundy was arrested about 2 miles from city hall in the VW Beetle that matched her description of that man’s car.

She had escaped death at the hands of one of the worse serial killers in history!

Its about that Intuitive sense

These encounters with some really evil killers for these three women show that beyond the looks and the optics (couple in a car), and the words being spoken or even the smiles on the face, there is another language being spoken.  A language by the being of a person.

If you can tune in to that language that the other being speaks, then you can unlock inferences that others may not.  Those insights, of intuition or “sixth sense” can save you from many situations, even death.

These serial killers killed many people.  Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 women and girls just between 1974 and 1978 in seven states.  He probably would have killed far more than that.  How Lorri and Lisa got away is interesting.  All because of a chill or an unexplained feeling of unease.

Learn to tune into and listen to that language spoken by the being of a person, not just the words and behavior!

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