Is Moeed Yusuf a Pakistani Mole shaping American policies for Pak-Afghan region?

Is Moeed Yusuf a Pakistani Mole shaping American policies for Pak-Afghan region?

The blitzkrieg of media opinion pieces from Pakistan’s narrative in many publications and sites in US for Kashmir has been unprecedented.  While there are many who surely have joined hands with Pakistan to help their cause (including some may say, Congress Party), it is very interesting that a lot of this work may be happening courtesy American taxpayers dollars.

Moeed Yusuf works at USIP, which is funded by the American taxpayers while joining Pakistan's National Security Council. Is he a Pakistani mole in DC? @CChristineFair says he is. Click To Tweet

Moeed Yusuf works at USIP, which is funded by the American taxpayers while joining Pakistan's National Security Council. Is he a Pakistani mole in DC? @CChristineFair says he is. Click To Tweet

A man named Moeed Yusuf is with a think-tank called US Institute of Peace, which calls itself

USIP is a national, nonpartisan, independent institute…

USIP is funded and founded by the US Congress.  Moeed Yusuf participates in local Pakistani debates regularly.  I have watched him discuss with many hosts on Urdu channels in Pakistan on how to handle the economy, Kashmir, India, and Modi Government.

Moeed Yusuf – Moderate in US and Pak Establishment voice in Urdu media

One of his most recent appearances on Pakistan TV is very instructive in where he really comes from with respect to his geopolitics.

He riles against Modi and ‘his agenda” – even when the Indian Parliament abrogated Article 370 – as he tries to berate India and its duly elected government.  Not content with that, he actually goes on to repeat the threat that when the curfew gets off – which it will, after all, he says, how long can they continue? – then there will be violence.  So, on the one hand, Yusuf, like Imran Khan, says that they should take off the curfew and on the other hand, they brazenly say that there will be violence.  How do they know?  How?!  Do they have something going there which gives them such confidence?

And, the security forces have caught terrorists infiltrated by Pakistan and Pakistani side is openly readying them on its side.

But, bottom line – does he even remotely look “non-partisan” or nationalistic in an American way?

Now, as he is the Vice president at the Asia Center at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), he joins the Pakistani government’s core group of the security establishment.  While being on our, the American taxpayers dime!

He is now a member of Imran Khan’s National Security Council!

Questions raised by Christine Fair

Christine Fair, an analyst on Pakistan has come out with important and valid questions on Moeed Yusuf! (Disclaimer – I am no fan of Fair and have had run ins with her on twitter myself and I find her rather opinionated on many issues.  But her questions are valid.)

As Christine Fair says – these kinds of appointments while they are US citizens and are paid for by the American taxpayers – is done by spies!

Signs of irregularities with respect to funds and also what he has been doing are there.  Waiting to be investigated.

Would this be ok?  That someone who had not just infiltrated a major think-tank from a country like Pakistan but his knowledge and scholarship were paid for by American taxpayers, including yours truly!

Lobbying for Pakistan on US Taxpayers’ dime

Quite honestly, there are many who would be aghast that their tax dollars are going to pay salary to a man whose only motive is to advise an establishment that uses terrorism as a tool of statecraft.

Not only were the lobbyists who paid for media Op Eds responsible for the noise and fury against India on Kashmir, but so were people like Moeed, who have rigged the American think-tanks to further the agenda of Pakistan within Washington DC.

And, that is precisely what Christine Fair is mad about.  She is correct when she says that Pakistan does not need to spend money on lobbyists, when the American taxpayers can do the dirty work for them!

Interesting right?  Well, not enough.

When a Freedom of Information Act request was filed to get the correspondence of Moeed with the Pakistani government, that request got denied, citing a silly reason on why that was not covered under FOIA rules!

Many commentators’ silence has been bought by giving them visas to Pakistan.  Visas to Pakistan?  Really?!!  These guys are so cheap to buy?  The problem is that Pakistan is a hot potato in the global geopolitics and it makes itself even more important by using terrorism.  The only way an analyst can make his/her living by talking about that country is to go there.  And Pakistanis do not grant visas to such analysts anymore, as Christine Fair knows so well.

How’s that for competing interests – personal and professional – that make Pakistan into a Don even when it has no teeth!

Threatening Indian Editor for running Moeed Yusuf Story

And, when Christine Fair’s arguments were carried by in India, USIP started threatening Shekhar Gupta and others.

Threatening Gupta while tarnishing Fair’s image was what Welch, USIP’s Vice President, External Relations was doing.

She does everything but deny the charges by Fair.  Was the institute dishing out Pro-Pakistan opinion pieces and ‘analysis’ under Moeed Yusuf?  Before he joined Pakistan’s National Security Council?  We all know that it did!

The worst thing is that USIP has an important task.  That of being an important player for inputs into what happens in Afghanistan.  Which the US government was quite keen to hand over to Pakistan until President Trump pulled the plug on it at the last minute with that famous tweet.

Let us listen in to what Christine Fair tells WION channel.


Pakistani lobbyists and closet Jihadis will try to enter different organizations and systems in Western countries to do a coup of sorts on India.  That is how they got their Nuclear technology via AQ Khan.  But what is astonishing is that the American taxpayers are paying for that.  You and I, we the US tax payers are paying for a guy to get all the information and importance to not just shape the US policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also go ahead and advice the Pakistani establishment (as the member of its National Security Council) on how to hit back at US.

When you play chess with your opponent running your pieces and his, guess who wins?  So if Moeed Yusuf ends up laying the pieces that will create the foundation for the next 9-11, one should know whom to blame – the US establishment.  For their spectacular masochism!

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