Who is helping Pakistanis in the Anti-Modi and Anti-India Propaganda?

Who is helping Pakistanis in the Anti-Modi and Anti-India Propaganda?

I have followed Pakistanis and their shenanigans for many years now.  For at least a decade, I have read at least 3 Pakistani newspapers daily and listened to their local radio channels and watched their TV shows.  I know all the main anchors, the analysts – good, bad and the ugly – fairly well.  Yet, I have never found echo of Pakistani voices in the global media.

Global left-liberal media has been running Pakistani narrative shamelessly since Balakot.. something that had never happened. Who is helping them? Info from NYPD around protests on Sept 27 backed my worst fears! Click To Tweet

Until Balakot.

Balakot was the first time that I found New York Times and Washington Post reporting falsehoods specifically in context of India vs Pakistan issues so blatantly.

For example, when it ran the story of Feb 27 misadventure from Pakistan and Abhinandan’s shooting of the F-16, it carried the Pakistani version of the story while almost discrediting and casting aspersions at the actions and planning by the Indian government – NYT: Pakistani Military Says It Downed Two Indian Warplanes, Capturing Pilot

Now, close your eyes and think for a moment.

Would you as an internationally recognized media house supposedly priding on “integrity” want to run your story as a narrative of one of the parties in conflict?  That too a party which is globally renowned for lying, repeatedly and shamelessly?  Osama Bin Laden, anyone?

Worse, a narrative that was patently and obviously fake.  Anyone with an iota of sense knew that if Indian Air force had lost two jets, it would have admitted right away.  For, unlike Pakistan, the Indian forces do not forsake their own

Then why would New York Times follow a lead that was narrated to them by Pakistan, as opposed to reporting based on complete 360-degree information with inputs from both the sides factoring in the precedence and reputation for integrity on both the sides?

Because that narrative was not just being peddled by Pakistan’s ISI but also by Congress.  Throughout the Balakot situation, Congress acted as the Team B of ISI. Check out – Why Congress and Opposition have completely lost the plot

New York Times, Washington Post and NPR had been compromised.

And, many stories in the past few years have confirmed that New York Times, Washington Post and NPR have been infiltrated by Congress sympathizers who have been publishing a certain narrative on PM Modi, and Indian elections.  They allow articles by only certain writers without any rejoinders by the other side.

Now, everyone could see the reach of India’s Congress Party in what is termed as the “Left-Liberal” media in the US and UK.  This also has been detailed in Rajiv Malhotra’s Breaking India.

However, for the last 30 years since I have followed Pakistan and its narrative, I have found that Pakistan never got anywhere near the corridors of influential global media.  This was one relationship that it never had.

Left liberal organizations were the preserve of Indian National Congress and others.  Pakistan’s ISI had a special relationship with the Republicans and had always milked US during their times.  Most so in Ronald Reagan’s time.

So, I had been wondering what happened so suddenly that since Balakot specifically, the global media was simply becoming a mouthpiece of Pakistan’s ISI.

Until I reasoned that the Global media houses like NYT, WP, NPR, Guardian and the Economist were not really echoing Pakistani ISI’s narrative!  They were echoing Congress narrative!!

It just so happened that Pakistani ISI and Congress were enjoined in their narrative.  They had the same talking points!

When it came to the recent trip of PM Narendra Modi to the US and specifically his schedule around the UN General Assembly; I was shocked at how easily Pakistanis got a walk into the top media houses, and even a central Oped in New York Times by Imran Khan to peddle their narrative without a counter from the Indian side.

So I was wondering, were the Pakistanis piggybacking on the relationships created by Congress over the years?

As strongly plausible and logical as this thought sounded, I could not fathom why Congress would further Pakistani narrative at the UN General Assembly?  They may have misgivings and burn wounds from Houston.  But would they betray India at the UN General Assembly?  That seemed far fetched, even when it was the only logical reasoning for the way NYT, Washington Post, and NPR were simply eating out of the Pakistanis’ hands.

And, then came this piece of information that closed the loop for me.

On September 27, when both, PM Modi and Imran Khan had to give their speeches at the UN General Assembly; there were groups readying to rally against PM Modi and also for him.

When the Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) went to New York Police Department (NYPD) to seek permission, they were allotted a certain place in Manhattan to assemble.  They were told that the “Anti-Modi protesters” will be at an area on 47th street and 1st Avenue. The both sides were kept at a distance.

Those three groups were the Pakistanis, Khalistanis and…. Overseas Congress.

Worse, Overseas Congress group was coordinating the other two groups.

When the NYPD allotted the same spot for all three groups to assemble, Overseas Congress group caught cold feet and backed out at the last minute because of the optics of being seen along with the other two groups whom


had coordinated to bring together to abuse the Indian Prime Minister in the first place!!

The pieces had fallen into place.

Betrayal of the Indian nation by Congress has been spectacular.  The repercussions of that meeting at Mani Shankar Aiyyar’s home before the recent elections (What Really Was Plotted In Mani Shankar Aiyar’s House – Five Possible Action Items) have been far more damning that we can possibly think of!

The forces that are against the Indian PM Modi are no longer fighting a political battle.  They are working to dismantle India itself.  And, in that endeavor, they are working along with Pakistan and their few allies.

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