Is Reincarnation true? An insight (Video)

Please see this video carefully and see the arguments of the neuroscientist and the other guy who gives the “wow” factor example through cards.  Their arguments are so flimsy that (i) they don’t explain how the subjects got so much right (and not just 3 factors) (ii) how they had the birth-marks apart from the correct narrations, at the same place the person had died in last life.

And some of them go by the familiar path to refute the reincarnation argument – to refute or bring into question one area – even though the person may not have brought it up – and bring the entire argument down.  As was the case with the historian who was trying to crosscheck history with the memories of that guy who was the soldier.

It can easily be the case, and it is, that not the entire memory goes through from one life to another.  Even if some of the memories – including the birthmarks and ailments go through, it is enough to call into question  the ridiculous arguments given by these so-called “experts”.

Nevertheless, this is a very informative video to watch for understanding reincarnation.

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