Islamic Fanatic Zakir Naik and his fans – Shahrukh Khan and Mahesh Bhatt

Islamic Fanatic Zakir Naik and his fans – Shahrukh Khan and Mahesh Bhatt

Zakir Naik is a hard core fanatic who twists things, scriptures and logic to simply convert people to Islam and portray the rest of the people as useless.

Despite no provocation, he has tried to hit out at people like Sri Sri Ravishankar and many others.

To understand what all he says and what his mindset is one will have to watch this video. Just look at the outrageousness of his answer. But what he, a fanatic, says openly, a lot of other Muslims say in their gathering of friends or “like-minded” people. However, in this video, it is hilarious to see the face of the interviewer Shahid Masood. He is so flabbergasted and taken aback, that he asks the obvious question “But, even the other religious people would be thinking that their religion is the best”. Which Naik brushes aside again with his euphoric declaration.

And who are the people who are backing this guy up?

Mahesh Bhatt for one. The dude eulogizes him no end for the parochially induced happiness that Naik provides him by debating some obscure Brit. Honestly, the guy has no idea what he is saying and about whom.

The same person happens to be enlightening even Shahrukh Khan. Now, a person who has the kind of beliefs that Zakir Naik has, which he shares in his interview with Shahid Masood, I fail to even understand what enlightening stuff would he be telling SRK, who is married to a Hindu? I mean honestly!

It would be interesting if say, Akshay Kumar was getting enlightened by someone who would say that no other religion or belief was worth anything.. and only his own belief was the true one.  Isn’t it easy for Muslims in India to get away with murder of the same Secularism that they swear beats in their hearts?

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