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IT Commissioner files Application: NDTV involved in money laundering of Rs 2000 crores in the 2G scam


The arrogance of the media outlets in India is remarkable!

The Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava files an application in the Patiala House Courts pointing out the money laundering apparatus of NDTV.  How they use the NDTV subsidiary in Holland to route money into India.  The allegations agianst the company are serious and it just adds to the earlier scandal where Barkha Dutt was caught making political maneuvers to get politicians to various posts in the Ministries with Radia.

This allegation links NDTV with Chidambaram and says that NDTV was involved in money laundering to the tune of Rs 2000 crores in the 2G scam!

What is the reaction of the CEO of this media company?

NDTV has just filed a defamation suit against a man making wild allegations about NDTV – and about “prostitution in the IT dept”

Excuse me!  He is not “a man”… the guy is an Income Tax Commissioner saying that you are violating the law!  The contempt with which the media and journalists treat ordinary democratic process and institutions make them unfit to even have a place in such a polity.

Attachment:  ITApplicationNDTV.pdf