Jamaat-e-Islami threatens to sue Mumbai Police after its circular says JeI brain-washing girls for Jehad

The problem with the Jehadi Muslims is not just that they are indulging in Jehad.  But, that they feel that it is not just their right to do so, but anyone even so much as pointing it out, has to apologize.  Heck, should even be sued!

An internal circular of Mumbai Police about a local Islamic Organization of girls says that this organization is brainwashing the girls to prepare them for Jehad.  This is certainly not the only organization which is doing so.  We know that SIMI has done it and many other organizations – specifically in Kerala – have been doing it as well!

The “internal circular” said the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, one of the country’s largest Islamic organisations that runs 40 high schools and three junior colleges in Maharashtra, has been operating with the objective of “brainwashing college and school girls and train them for jihad”.
“The group GIO is related to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and it was established in Kerala. The purported aim of this organisation is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran. But the real objective of this organisation is to brainwash school and college girls and train them for jihad,” the circular, issued last month, says.

The Jamaat’s Maharashtra spokesman Mohammad Aslam Ghazi has threatened to sue the Mumbai Police if they don’t apologize.  Apologize for what???  To say that they are doing what they are doing??

Actually, it is a pity that in India no one has done an investigation of most of the mosques and what they teach/propagate.  From the normal discourse and narrative that goes on in the Muslim community, I won’t be surprised if a lot of the extremist ideas and stances are pushed through the mosques.  In Britain a detailed undercover story was done for BBC called “Undercover Mosque”.  It is indeed an eye opener.

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