Jihadis Openly Asking for Donations for fight against India and Afghanistan in Pakistani mosque

Jihadis Openly Asking for Donations for fight against India and Afghanistan in Pakistani mosque

All that talk from the Pakistani government about eliminating terrorists in Pakistan and how their action under the Zarb-e-Azb – the so-called “joint military offensive conducted by the Pakistan Armed Forces” against various militant groups – was such a massive success that no terrorist of any power now function in the country, is basically bogus.  Pakistanis are known to lie through their teeth.

Jihadi asking for donations to fight against India and Afghanistan at a mosque in #Pakistan - reality vs drama of zarb-e-azab Click To Tweet

Here is a video that was tweeted by Taha Siddiqui showing how the terrorists are asking for donations to fight Jihad in India and Afghanistan OPENLY!

This scene is from a Pakistani mosque where a militant is openly asking for donations for “jihad” against India in Kashmir and also against Afghanistan.  He is saying: “We need to kill the Kaafir [Infidels]. One bullet of AK47 costs around (Pakistani Rupee) Rs 90. Give us your donations.”

So you see, if you were able to put a camera in all the mosques and public squares in Pakistan, you will be able to see, hear and know FAR more than all the Pakistanis can either see or tell.  Why they do not or can not speak about what they see openly happening is another matter.

That is why when Indian idiots like Sam Pitroda say why fight Pakistan when “8 people (the idiot cannot differentiate between terrorist and people) came and did something (cannot differentiate between a Massacre of over 150 Indian citizens and ‘something’) in Mumbai?” – someone needs to give him a reality check.  The rest of the Pakistanis – outside of those who are waging the Jihad – assist terror by seeing and keeping quiet!

That quiet, that silence has given them Zia-ul-Haq, Musharraf, Rahil Sharif and their fear has only increased and lives more diminished.  Fight against terror is a fight for humanity.

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