Karan Thapar is a Devil’s Advocate. Gives clean chit to Salman Khurshid

He is after all a Devil’s Advocate

In a world, where divorces are going through the roof because the two people living together for years, often decades – don’t even know or trust each other enough, here is India’s self-proclaimed task master of politicians on TV giving a clean chit to Salman Khurshid DESPITE hard evidence.  Pardon, Karan Thapar, if his melodramatic pink slip shows from us his hard black suit:

Ultimately, all analysis and evidence apart, I have three deeper reasons for believing Salman. First, I’ve known him since I was 21 and cannot believe he would forge letters or pilfer money meant for the handicapped. Second, I admire his willingness to subject himself to a rigorous interview less than two hours after returning from London. A man with a guilty conscious would have ducked for cover instead. Third, he wouldn’t sue for defamation if he did not have a credible and convincing defence. Oscar Wilde did that and look where he ended up!

First reason – he has known this moron so I don’t believe – not know.. but believe.  He is worse than a Jehadi sympathizer.  At least they can blame their mental shit on a book.  But Thapar can’t even do that.  He is responsible for conjuring up his own BS.  Effectively so.

Second reason – admire his willingness to “subject himself to rigorous interview”.  From all accounts that I have read, heard and seen, it was a BIG SHAM.  He shouted and shunned and even threatened people and questions that he didn’t like and answered the ones that he wanted, the WAY he wanted.  Rigorous, my foot!

Third reason, “he wouldn’t sue for defamationif he wasn’t credible”.  Really!!!???  Has Thapar been in some Lala-land all these years??  I mean, these sort of stunts are staple of these politicians.

Look Karan, if in this big bad world, Khurshid was the only man nice to you in your entire life and you owe your sanity to him, that is one thing, but please excuse us from your insult to our mediocre but well intact intelligence!

Don’t know if he realizes, but Karan has really – not euphemistically – true to his program’s moniker, turned into Devil’s Advocate now!  🙂

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