Khisiani Billi Khamba Noche – Pakistanis crying about Asia Hockey Cup!

It really is hillarious when the thief starts shouting that he has been robbed.

India won the recently concluded Asia Cup by WIDE margins.  In finals they beat South Korea by 7-2!  Not a small margin?  The rest of the matches were even more one-sided!

Pakistan ended came right back at the end – 5th or 6th.  So what do they do?  The Pakistan Hockey Federation Spokesman comes out and blames India for bad umpiring!  I mean PAKISTAN blaming INDIA?  I was amazed at the very nonsensical nature of the allegation – that the match between India and South Korea was "influenced" by bad umpiring because – read this carefully –

"Such was the state of umpiring that at one time the Korean team walked off the field and refused to proceed further because the umpire from Ghana had disallowed their goal which could have put them back into contention," he added.

Ok, so ONE goal was disallowed "incorrectly" by a Ghanian umpire to South Korea.  But, what about the FIVE goal deficit by which the Koreans lost?  One goal was far too short!  And it was a Ghanian umpire.. not an Indian umpire.

Let’s look back at another tournament – the 9th World Cup.  Where the Pakistani umpire gave record 10 penalty corners to South Korea against India in a matter of just 18 minutes – one per 1.8 minutes!  A goal was allowed when the ball was not even stopped cleanly by the South Korean defender in a penalty corner!  Here is what happened that day:

The Indians paid the price for poor finishing, missed chances and some of the most overtly biased umpiring ever seen in a tournament of this stature, courtesy Pakistani umpire Irfan Zaidi.
From the way Zaidi used his whistle, blowing for a record 10 penalty corners in the space of just 18 minutes, it was apparent to all that he was out there with the sole aim of ensuring India’s defeat.
The match-winner for the Koreans came on the stroke of the 70th minute, via the 13th penalty corner. Here again, the ball was not stopped properly off the push, but Zaidi overlooked that and allowed Yong Kyun Jeong to slam home the winner.
On the day, Zaidi’s umpiring "bettered" even that of his infamous campatriot Shafaq Zaidi, who has a notorious record against India.

India lost 3-4.  THAT smacks of cheating and how the actions of ridiculous umpires from Pakistan have been biased against India.

Just one advice to the Pakistanis – when you are beaten.. fairly and SQUARELY.. just take it!  No use crying.  We have a saying in India – Khisiani Billi Khamba Noche

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