Leftist Wave of Terror Is Being Unleashed Now Backed by Media Silence

Leftist Wave of Terror Is Being Unleashed Now Backed by Media Silence

While over Akhlaque’s sad death, the sky was brought down with the narrative that India is “Intolerant”, over past months, the truth is that there has been a series of deaths and specific targeting of Hindus – specifically RSS and BJP workers by CPI-M party workers and Islamists.  Many have been hacked to death in broad day light in very gruesome ways.  But till date, we haven’t heard their deaths been discussed – leave alone awards being returned in empathy for them.

It is almost as if one ceases to be human anymore the moment one is part of the BJP – the party in power – and competitor to the Congress or Communist Parties, which have patronized and rewarded the so-called intellectuals over the last 60+ years.  That, bigotry is being peddled as Secularism is very obvious to anyone who leaves the mainstream media and looks at the truth on the ground!

The thing is that this Wave of Terror is not just bigotry or intolerance.  It is Brutal Terror with the arrogance that since the media has the terrorists back, nothing will ever happen to the violent killers.  Absolutely NOTHING!  And, when this gang of leftists + media goes about defining the narrative on terror and intolerance in India, they pave a way where any action against the REAL perpetrators of terror is ruled out.  They turn the narrative on its head.  They have already decided the victims and the perpetrators apriori and since they control the national media line, that is how the truth will be defined henceforth!

But that is no more acceptable.  It is time to raise the din.  To raise the sound and challenge the entrenched Media Czars who are in the business of making villains and heroes not based on the facts or their conscience but who pays for them!   The time has come to bare their real self.

The hatred which is palpable and on display everyday from the left goes unchallenged and un-noticed.  But it shouldn’t.  It needs to be brought out.  For, it is not mere threat, it is converted into action as well!  This is the tweet from Arun Nambiar – a fanatic leftist.


His views aren’t isolated.  It is the way the left has always looked at the various Hindu organizations.  Why am I singling out one religious type?  Because THEY HAVE!  They have never raised any voice against all the wrongs of the Islamic or Christian parties and leaders.  Only one group.  So, if I just speak on behalf of the group which has been victimized – the Hindu organizations (BJP and RSS) – then look at the leftist narrative not mine!

Use #LeftistTerror on twitter and make it trend.  The sound of righteousness sans the media spin needs to be loud and clear.  They no longer control the narrative – we collectively do as Indians!

Terror Wave of the Left and Islamists

Here are the stories in their complete gruesome details.  It is important to share these.  Not to sensationalize or to create fear or hatred – but to show the datardly truth of India’s Bastardized Secularism.

Also to underscore that there is really a wave of intolerance that is emanating from the Communists and the past power elites.  And, sadly the Muslim organizations have decided to join their party, while shouting hoarse for Secularism.  This needs to stop and brought out.  It is not a coincidence as many in media may like to project to save their masters.  For, the Killers and the Killed have the same affiliation!

Gruesome Stories: How Muslim Groups and Communists are Targeting RSS and BJP Workers

Prashant Poojary, a 29 year old flower vendor and a Bajrang Dal activist – who was campaigning for closure of illegal slaughter-houses was hacked to death by six men on bikes in October 2015 in Mangaluru.  Mohammad Gantalkatte along with his partners was arrested when he tried to flee to Dubai from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Prashant Poojary
Prashant Poojary

In Kerala’s Kannur district, Sujith, a BJP worker was hacked to death in front of his parents by CPI (M) goons.  His parents were injured as well.  This happened in February 2016.

BJP worker Sujith
BJP worker Sujith

A BJP worker K. Raju was killed near the Netaji circle in Mysore on Sunday, March 13.  Again a group of bikers attacked him and killed him on the spot.  The reason for hatred against him?  He had wanted to build a local temple at Kyathamaranahalli.

Now, in Thiruvananthapuram, on Monday, March 14, 2016 – BJP Leader V. Muraleedharan and 26 BJP workers were attacked by CPI goons and one young man is in an extremely critical state.  Here are some tweets that discuss the attack.  And, again, there is NO debate, no discussion, and no outrage.  There is a wave of terror by the communists in India against the organizations like RSS and the ruling party and the intolerance – nay brutal terror – goes unabated with a sense of arrogance which says – “Since we have painted you black, we can do whatever we want to you even when you are power”.  That is the loud and clear of this entire group which despises the current government and will do anything to keep power and authority with themselves.  Brutality is only a tool in their hands.

Conclusion: It is time for Push back!

This is the battle for India.  Its very ethos.  We cannot have Compromised Secularism or Selective Communalism.  If it is either of the two – we will only have Total Communalism finally.  For, if any party is to be compromised, why should it be anyway?  Why should it be expected of ONLY the Kashmiri Pandits to bear the burden of Kashmiriyat, for example, in Kashmir?  Either it is complete or none.  And the very beginning of how Kashmir was changed – had already skewed the future.  And, that is how it is being done in Bengal and Kerala, as well as UP.  It is time to save the very soul of India.  If we delay – for media will make sure the age old narrative doesn’t change – then we will ensure a terrible future for all.

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