Let us Rejoice 13 days of Intense and Amazing Life of Delhi Braveheart

In 13 days, the Delhi Braveheart, as she is being called, lived more intensely and a far more meaningful life than most.  When we look at these 13 days and the months and years following it, 100 years from now – hopefully – we will learn that this 23 year old girl accomplished FAR ….. FAR more than society’s top reformers could in many generations!

We all have to go.  She did too.  Her last days starting from that experience on Dec 16th, in a private Delhi bus was horrific.  It is shameful and hurting and painful.  Yet, this Braveheart should be remembered for something else.  Her Intensity of life in these 13 days.  With brain injuries, intestines gone, in pain and sedation, with multiple of surgeries being done almost daily; she not only kept expressing her intent to live on but also was ready to give not one, but TWO statements to the authorities – shame on them for their political faux pas – and was able to make the journey across to Singapore.  That is no ordinary human being.  People cannot even lift their head if they have slight fever!

When I remember her, I want to rejoice her short but extremely meaningful life.

In her sedated state, she also woke up a nation.  Youth, which hitherto was lambasted for being self centered, rose up in non-violent protests.  Even when the police attacked – due to dictatorial Government’s brutal actions – and despite having sustained injuries, people like Pauline (girl from North East) and Yogendra Tomar ran back while police were lathi-charging them for the third time – to care for a fallen policeman.  Someone who was after their lives was tended to by them because he was suffering!

In the entire controversy that this incredibly out of touch Government and its machinery – Police – created, somehow no one even focused on the amazing quality of character displayed by Pauline and Yogendra.

The Delhi Protests

A people’s movement which was started by Swami Ramdev at the Ramlila Maidan and then taken on by Team Anna later, has not gone in vain.  The legislature is compromised, the executive is busy plundering the country, and the judiciary is ineffective.  So, the only route left for the common man was public protests.  And, for that, until Swami Ramdev got people in thousands to come to Ramlila Maidan – people didn’t have enough courage.  Team Anna boosted that courage and legitimized that form of protest, and even gave it a structure as well as professionalism.

What Swami Ramdev lacked, Team Anna added, and what Team Anna ignited; the Delhi protesters of the Gangrape atrocity lit in a full fledged flame.  A flame that so scared the Government, that it not only arrested 8 innocent youth to “fix” for the “murder” of the Police Constable who died of Cardiac Arrest, but also shifted a terribly sick Delhi Braveheart in critical condition to Singapore.

It doesn’t matter if the protests are clamped down using Section 144 or not, the days of this Government are numbered.

It can quieten them now.  Dr. Singh can come and make another address full of deceit and unscrupulous nonsense in a manner meant to seem coming from a credible guy.  But the story is up.  More importantly, the population – which has come out on streets – has signified LOUD and CLEAR, that it doesn’t trust the Government or any of its machinery any more.

That, if need be, the youth will come out and pay for its freedom with their blood.  And even if the Government adds in violent elements to get its story in place for further brutality, this generation of youth will find it in themselves to care for the fallen amongst the opponents.

Delhi Braveheart may have died.  But she has ensured in just 13 days of intense existence, that India lives.  Such a life can only be rejoiced.

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