Lies Busted: Umam Khanam who alleged Harassment from ‘Right Wing’ supporters was Dancing through the Trip!

Lies Busted: Umam Khanam who alleged Harassment from ‘Right Wing’ supporters was Dancing through the Trip!

You must have seen the tweets by Umam Khanam, the Muslim woman student of Dewan Law College where she alleged that she was harassed by BJP supporting students and professors.  She calls herself “Proud Muslim. Law Student. Hello I am 22 and gracefully 5ft’10 tall. Loves to talk about political philosophy!!”

@umamKhanam had alleged harassment by BJP supporters. But evidence suggests that she is lying shamelessly! People like her sow polarization.. read and think Click To Tweet

Many people actually researched and also dug deep into the incident.  And Dushyant Dubey talked to the Head of Department of Dewan Law College.

This is what he came up with after talking to Ambuj Sharma, the HOD of the Law College.

The @ThePlacardGuy explains Khanam’s nefarious agenda quite clearly.

Now, to bolster the charge that Umam Kanam is merely peddling falsehoods and lies, a video of the trip has also come out where it is clear that the lady is not just enjoying her trip but even dancing around.  And, no one is even interested in harassing her!

Do you see anyone forcing her to dance by “pulling her hand”?  Do you see anyone harassing her as she says happened when she was made to dance even when she did not want to join?

You see this victim card playing by the minorities in India is a very common occurrence specially around the election season.  But it creates two issues:

  1. Creates atrocity literature against the Hindus – because the mainstream media ONLY features such allegations, NOT the busting of the allegation.  In fact, I have searched for the news of how the professor has refuted the allegations of the lady but to no avail, except this video where a layman actually took the trouble of talking to the professor there.  And, the video that is now on social media but not referred to by any journalist!
  2. Increases polarization – because Hindus get further convinced that minorities have only one agenda which is to defame the Hindus and BJP even by using lies.  And if someone who is your own classmate starts using complete lies to put you down, then should you even mingle with the minorities socially?  Muslims, on the other hand, who do not do their research think that they are being hounded.  Riding the lies of such unscrupulous people, the polarization increases.  And, interestingly, the burden of polarization is always put on the heads of “right wing Hindus”, when the real culprits are the FANATIC minorities!

This is exactly what this woman, Umam Khanam has done.  She has contributed to the fake crap that goes around in the name of Secularism, which is basically Hinduphobia.  And as a “proud Muslim” as she calls herself, she has added to religious polarization even more.

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