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Lydian Nadhaswaram – Chennai music prodigy Stuns everyone on CBS’ ‘The World’s Best’ with his Piano Genius!

Lydian Nadhaswaram is a 12-year-old from Chennai.  He plays piano.  He was on the CBS Talent show “The World’s Best” – which is hosted by Emmy Award-winning talk show host James Corden.  And on this show Golden Globe Award winner Drew Barrymore, Emmy Award winner RuPaul Charles and Grammy Award winner Faith Hill are the three American judges.

In the talent show ‘The World’s Best’ she just mesmerized the audience, judges and the host.  She wanted to play Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Flight of the Bumblebee, which is a very tough piece to play.

Lydian started off with the normal beat which everyone amongst the judges loved.  Then he called Drew Barrymore, one of the judges, to the stage and requested her to increase the beat to 208 beats per minute.  And that just blew everyone’s mind!

He did not stop there, however.  He then requested the hosts to increase the beats to 325!  And then he just made it all look completely unbelievable!

Remember his name and face.  He may go down in Western music history as a genius!  And it is not just piano that Lydian is amazing at.  He is a virtual musical genius.

Look at his drum performance at mumbai drums day in 2017.

And here he plays a bass guitar and sings an Ilayaraja’s Tamil movie song RAJA RAJAADHI RAJAN.

Enjoy his work.