Marriage is deconstructing globally, Gay marriage or not!

Marriage is deconstructing globally, Gay marriage or not!

Marriage is achanging.  Several trends are showing up in the world.  Not just in the West and US, in particular, but even in India.

Gay/Lesbian marriages:  There is a growing acceptance of such a phenomenon and it is the understanding of this social attitudes change that Republicans are hurting from these days.  It is only a matter of time before the Gay/Lesbian marriages will be accepted in more and more countries and societies.

Delayed Marriages: Women are working and having better careers, so why marry?  There are 4 needs primarily why people marry – Social, Economic, Emotional and Physical.  The first two needs are easily met by women these days.  Emotional and Physical needs also are something that they can meet without the need for marriage.  Actually, getting hooked because of the last two needs curtails the first two.  So it depends on what a woman values most.

Higher Divorces:  As people become more independent and more assertive, clashes come out in open.  More and more people are afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder and Type A personalities.  Both of these make them incapable of compromise and patience required in a relationship like marriage.

As much as the conservatives are shouting about how Gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage, the fact is that the institution of marriage as it was known has changed already.

Here is an interesting discussion:

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