Meena – a fashion blogger like no other

Meena – a fashion blogger like no other

Entrepreneur spirit is the essence of young India. Breaking the shackles of the old age economic understanding, an entrepreneur sets the ball rolling and on one’s own terms. As a constant endeavor to salute and reward this, we present to you, Meena.

A true Delhiite at heart, Meena loves travel, fashion, and lives with a motto of spreading happiness. After having quit her job as a central manager with an IT firm, Meena started blogging in 2015.

Within a span of four years, she has not only built her name in the fashion and lifestyle industry but her fans and followers live by her code. She never shies away from sharing beauty hacks & fashion tips with her followers. Her take on lifestyle is certainly refreshing, to say the least.

Meena serves as a perfect inspiration for everyone who aspires to live life on their terms. As a certified digital marketer, she already earns more money than her job and continues to race forward.

If you love fashion and wish to stay updated with trends, this is one link you should not miss.

Her blog can be accessed at AngelmyStyle

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