Modi Hatred to India Hatred – Congress Game Plan to Break India

Modi Hatred to India Hatred – Congress Game Plan to Break India

Modi Hatred is being created and promoted and that is being converted into hatred for India by Congress and its flunkies.  This is the election strategy for 2019.  Bigoted and casteist Secularists are now unleashing their agenda on hapless Indian masses who are being twisted like in the time of Mandal Commission in the name of caste appeasement.  At that time, VP Singh used caste as a way to further his political game without remorse or guilt of pushing so many to deaths.  Congress, under Rahul Gandhi, and backed by the ruthless Trump backing election strategy company Cambridge Analytica, is crafting an even more dangerous strategy of Breaking India apart.

Anti-Modi Congress Game Plan

The game plan has the following steps –

  1. Legitimize Anti-Modi Hatred  ->  Legitimize Hinduphobia –>  Legitimize Anti-Nationalism.
  2. Equate all three together in such a way that people can jump between the three without any remorse, thought or guilt.  So, one who was converted into the “Anti-Modi” camp using economic memes feels no guilt in siding with anti-national actions of meeting with ISI in Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house or using Caste Violence.  So, even those who are not anti-National, toe the line because they have to justify the anti-Modi take which they were converted into on the economic side.
  3. This is followed by Coopting Media – specifically print media – so that actions against Modi, Hindus, and the Nation are either not printed or put in the back pages, while blowing up any acts of defense or retaliation.  Then, unleash aggression against minorities and blaming the Hindus without any justification or evidence.  Result – anyone sharing that news via blog or social media is a conspiracy-theorist or alarmist, and those who follow the Hinduphobic Bigotry have a recorded “history” to use as “evidence” for their “analysis”.
  4. Create Violence and challenge one community to take cover or retailiate.  And use the retaliation as the “evidence” of majority violence, while wiping off any action to start and perpetuate the violence.

This model was followed in Gujarat 2002.  And it has been followed ever since the BJP was in power.  It is now being perfected.  Koregaon is the latest arena of that violent, ruthless and anarchist strategy of Congress!

If those who thought the fight against Anti-nationalism and bigoted Secularism is over with Modi’s victory in 19 states.  Think again.  The “deep state” – which consitutes a combination of the Breaking India forces (bed-fellows – Islamists, Christian Evangelists, and Leftists) and the coopted media – are so well-entrenched and their power of narrative is so strong – that Modi has to play defensive overtly until he can turn the media and academic world over.  And, that will not be easy.  Because the tentacles are wide (global), pockets deep and interests too intertwined with India’s sworn enemies!

Congress-Left Forces: Sepoys Creating Atrocity Literature to Delegitimize Indian Nationalism

Modi and Breaking India Forces

The work to create damning and Indophobic atrocity literature is in full swing.  The Western powers have been working to give full reign to the leftist and evangelist writers to create a certain narrative in the Western media.  Specifically, NPR, New York Times and Washington Post.  In Breaking India, Rajiv Malhotra defines Atrocity Literature as “technical term referring to literature generated by Western interests with the explicit goal to show the target non-Western culture is committing atrocities on its own people, and hence in need of Western intervention”.

When the time comes to arm-twist a certain government, the atrocity literature comes in handy.  It is brandished in relatively short time to make a devil out of an erstwhile ally and quickly provide legitimacy to attack it.  That is what happened with Saddam Hussain and with many other rulers.  Modi has been targeted earlier and can be targeted again.

Using the Atrocity literature to legitimize the attack in the name of “White Man’s burden” has been an old strategy of British and American forces.  It is so simple and powerful, yet nations fall prey to it.  In fact, different ways to delegitimize rulers in India were used to extend their dominion by the British in India.  Doctrine of Lapse was one such instrument.

Understanding the impact and potency of the atrocity literature is key to know what damage is being wrought onto India by these forces.  Their aggression, in-your-face-violence and anti-nationalism is done so confidently only because they know that if any strict clamping down is done on anyone – the entire machinery (media – Indian and global, “intelligentsia”, University professors, activists, NGOs) will swing into action in a bid to  demonize Modi and the his government and de-legitimize the whole establishment.  Thus doing to Modi and India, what the British used to do using various instruments to usurp power from the kingdoms.

Modi’s Agnostic Ways VS In-your-face Communalism by Congress

A man who has always been caste-agnostic, religion-agnostic and creed-agnostic in the way he has approached developmental goals, is being accused of all those things he has always fought against.  While Modi has always refused to look at people as Hindus or Muslims, his opponents keep throwing it at him.  In his inclusive way, he brought together most Hindu groups and that put paid to the minority appeasement politics of Congress in 2014.  While minorities cannot deliver the elections if the Hindus are united, but divided Hindus can make it easy to use minority vote banks for victory.  And, that is where Congress is going to.

This needs to be countered strongly and deftly by Modi and his government.  Future assembly of such rabid hatred spewing anarchists like Jignesh Mewani should be banned.  Simply put out of circulation!  And make it legitimate.

Since the time of Nehru, RSS and Jan Sangh were de-legitimized for the same reason that JInnnah sought to form Pakistan – Strength of Majority in a Democracy!  What Jinnah did via partition for the fight between Equal and Proportional Representation, Nehru achieved via Hinduphobia!

And, this is being perpetuated ever since.

However, this is the first time that despite the machinations by Congress and the so-called Secularist forces, a so-called Hindu nationalist party won so strongly.  And Congress has no future.  So, to extend the rule of whoever is left in the Gandhi family, Breaking India is the only way out for these forces.  There is no other way that they can defeat Modi!

This is a fight for Indians to lose.  Anyone with common-sense and a thought for the next generation will make the correct decision.  Of rejecting these champions of anarchy and destruction and the real Villains of IndiaCongress, Left, Islamists, Evangelists and Casteists.

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