Muslim Youth doing “Target Practice” of slaying Hindus by hacking down stray dogs and cows in Kerala!

In Kerala a war preparation is going on and the authorities as well as media is either quiet or ambivalent about it.  It is going on in the following districts: Kannur, Kozhikode, Mallapuram and Thrissur districts apart from other places like Kakikavu, Pandikkad, Changaramkulam, Peinthalmanna and Palakkad.

Muslim youths are “target practicing” for killing Hindus.  The way they do it is by taking street dogs and then hacking them with swords while going on a bike after them… Simulating the scenario of how a Hindu would be hacked down by these fanatic and conscience-less youth.  To even see someone hacking down a defenseless animal with sword as a sport is dastardly enough.. but here these demonic youth are doing it with a goal of doing the same to actual human beings.

They get street dogs to the ground and chase them on their bikes. These Islamic radicals sit on their bikes with swords and chase the dogs injuring them badly and also killing them at times.  People in these districts were aware of such incidents taking place but feared confronting the youngsters. It is said that nearly 100 dogs were being subject to this brutal act everyday.

This laboratory (target practice?!) of violent barbarism is going on almost unchecked and without any action by media or Government!

And now, tts not just the stray dogs, but these Muslim young men have now started using cows to prepare for their holy war in Kerala.

After targeting street dogs, Now Jihadi groups are targeting cows in Kerala as part of their arms training. Reports from coastal belts of Thrissur district, notorious for Jihadi activities are suggesting that now they started targeting cows as well.The cows have been brutally injured on their horn and neck .
In yet another shocking incident from the area, It has been revealed that a group of Muslim youth who went to North Indian tour were undergoing rigorous arm training in Kashmir. This was exposed following some internal altercations among local Mohallu committee members.

It is not as if the State Government is not aware.  It is and one would assume so is the Central Government and its agencies.  But what is surprising is the scant coverage of these incidents, which could unleash another Mumbai type of attacks in India and a wave of terror and violence by Muslims against Hindus – which is sure to ignite retaliation – that Gujarat and 1984 violence will look benign.

The home ministry of Kerala too has taken up the matter seriously and has initiated an inquiry following which nearly 150 persons have been questioned.

Just questioned??!!  By now, given that this barbarism has been going on for months now, many more should have been behind the bars!

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