My initiation into Isha Yoga system

My initiation into Isha Yoga system

Yesterday, was our initiation into the Isha system of Guru Shishya parampara. I have not been a believer of this way to enlightenment but yesterday I saw the power that came to me. It was amazing. The energy one felt through the process was great and worth it.

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Interestingly, I had decided NOT to ever go to a Guru and go alone myself. Unless of course the Guru would come to me and want to guide me through the paces himself. Here I was going to attend simply a course of yoga… and before I knew it.. I was “initiated”. Now, Initiation is a BIG responsibility for the Guru and the Shishya as well. Guru has planted a “seed” in you, which He feels will become a “tree”. Shishya, in turn gives his agreement that he will nurture it to its growth as a tree. I did not think I will go asking for the “seed” from a Guru, but now that I have been blessed with and offered one I will surely go ahead and take care of it. Now, my urge to go higher and further has increased even further.

This “system” has been propagated through ages – not by written word or instructions … but actual passing on the secrets of spiritual enlightenment from One Guru to his Shishya.. who was worthy of carrying it through. It has been unbroken through ages – thousands of years. I wouldn’t have believed this if I had not heard Sadguru Jaggi in completeness and also experienced what I did yesterday. Sadguru Jaggi’s philosophical and spiritual underpining is not just taking one part of the Vedic/Vedantic tradition and just using it.. rather it uses the complete knowledge and understanding. Whether it is Yoga or Ayurveda or the knowledge of energy centers and Energy itself.. or the science of Mantras/Yantras/Tantra or the understanding of deities and why the Hindu thought went that route. Even the understanding and acknowledgment of greatness of past Masters like Lao Tse, Jesus, and Buddha and bringing their learning. Or even the philosophy of Krishna himself. The scope of the entire spiritual underpining is very vast and it all comes together very beautifully.

If I probably had not gone through all my skepticism in spiritual thought, I wouldn’t have realized the greatness of Sadguru Jaggi because he seems like any other “Guru” but its tough to find someone who has achieved so much in one lifetime (or at least it seems ostensibly to a frivolous observer) as he has.

I truly recommend this course of action – Inner Engineering and other programs from Isha Yoga – to all who want to carry on their quest of spiritual growth.

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