New Year 2022 and new beginnings

Indigenous voices have struggled to survive and make themselves heard in the last year. New Year will be the year for these voices to assert their diversity. To a new awakening!

New Year 2022 and new beginnings
Happy New Year, 2022, Greeting, New Year, Celebration

“May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For,
May your arms Never Tire.” ― D. Simone

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This previous year 2021 has been a year of introspection, new learning, and baring of people, agendas, and plans.

At this newsletter, we moved from a daily newsletter to a weekly one as we tried to continue to bring the same quality along with a consistency that was sustainable.

Over the past months, it has been a very rewarding experience.  We would like to continue this further but it cannot survive if it is not sustainable on its own.

So, we will move to a more sustainable paid model, which will be very reasonable, where we can handle the new platform as well as create better and more useful content for the audience.

The current platform, although great, does not lend itself to paid subscriptions for Indian subscribers.

The process of moving it to a more integrated platform, where our blog on and the newsletter content are combined in a useful way is going on.

We will obviously increase the content that is shared and make it multi-dimensional.  The details will be shared in the coming days.

It is my sincere request and wish that we grow as a family and enhance the collective consciousness.

To the new awakening in 2022

In 63 BC the legendary orator, Marcus Tullius Cicero, gave a set of speeches that have come to be known as the Catiline or Catilinarian Orations. Cicero was speaking against Lucius Sergius Catilina (Catiline) as he led a plot to overthrow the Roman Senate. Catiline was an unethical Roman senator known to bribe others in the Senate to get his way through. He hatched a conspiracy to murder Cicero when the orator had worked to bring a law that would prohibit election fraud. After a series of lost elections and conspiracies, a meeting of the Senate was called in the Temple of Jupiter Stator. Catiline and Cicero were also to attend. (Source)

That is where Cicero delivered his most famous oration which was about 3,400 words long. The opening of his address has survived for over 2000 years.

Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?

When, O Catiline, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does now?

From the riot at the Capitol to the attacks by Khalistan-backers in Delhi, 2021 will be the year when Democracy almost lost its meaning. Different standards, different definitions, and different moral benchmarks. 2021 was also the year of the awakening of many to the inbuilt, obvious, and patent injustice in the garb of justice.

Experiences should awaken us. Not dumb us down.

The future can become better if we learn how our Today was sabotaged by the lovers of crimes that defined the Past.

For, the future cannot be a slave to the fetishes of today or the past. It has to be free and liberated to hold any meaning. Any promise.

A future free from the baggage of crime, slavery, subjugation, and poverty. That can be the only gift we pass on.

Let us work toward a day when the global consciousness moves from Untruth to Truth by perceiving things the way they are. By confronting reality in all its dimensions. Not just the ones showcased.

Wake up. Push forward. Awaken. Spread that awakening.

To an awakened consciousness may the new year 2022 lead us all.

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