Nitin Gadkari dedicates Upgraded and Swanky NH-44 in Meghalaya to the Nation

Nitin Gadkari dedicates Upgraded and Swanky NH-44 in Meghalaya to the Nation

North-East and its infrastructure has been compromised for long in India.  Which is strange and suicidal because it is one of the most contested area by the Chinese and where they are very eager to turn aggressive.

Nitin Gadkari has now dedicated a renovated and upgraded highway NH-44 in Meghalaya.

NH-44 is one of the longest highway in South Asia.  And there have been lots of safety issues.  In fact it has been known as the “Highway of Death” in Telangana, where in one village of Peddakunta – all but one men have died in accidents due to the highway.  And that one man has lost his wife to it!

“The NH-44 (Jowai to Ratacherra at the Assam border) is important for development of industries in Meghalaya,” Gadkari said. He said trucks coming from Guwahati can move smoothly in record time to Silchar, providing connectivity to the south eastern parts of Assam, Mizoram and Tripura. The construction for the 102-km long highway began in November 2015 and was completed in March this year, two months ahead of schedule, officials said. Gadkari said it incurred a total cost of Rs 683 crore and the stretch has three major and 44 minor bridges, and a 143-meter tunnel. (Source: FinancialExpress)

This highway will boost the bamboo industry.  It will enable fast movement of bamboo from bamboo, from Barrak valley in Assam to other North-Eastern states.

The push for the highways in North-East has been high during the Modi rule.  National highway projects worth as much as Rs 1.5 lakh crores are currently underway in North East.

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