No Need to Talk to Pakistan – warns American Expert on Pakistani Terrorism

No Need to Talk to Pakistan – warns American Expert on Pakistani Terrorism

Imran Khan, his government, the Pakistan Army and their paid slaves in the Indian media have been pushing for “Pakistan – India dialog”.  Why is Pakistani Army and its side-kicks suddenly so interested in a dialog with India?

Because, Pakistan is on the brink of economic disaster.

We had warned in October 2017 about the impending economic disaster – Pakistan on the Brink of Bankruptcy and Economic Ruin and then again had followed up with how the Pakistani economy was in a tail-spin Terror-Hub Pakistan’s Economic Doom.  You see, the Pakistani Army has gotten into the habit of living large without any morals, qualms or care.  They had after all, played the US and West well enough to extract money always.  Everyone knew they were lying through their teeth about the terror situation and their so-called fight.  Yet, the West kept entertaining their lies.  That is no longer happening.  Besides, Indian PM Modi has tightened the screws nice and hard from everywhere.  So, money is hard to come by, exports hard to deliver and imports hard to bring down.  After all, when the country has no industry to take care of the lavish lifestyles of its rich pumped on Jehad money, how do you handle that hunger for things?  Imports.  And this hunger is quite inelastic!

And, this whole act of “talks with India” is basically a ploy to fool the West.. yet again.  That look, we are responsible country so give us more money.

Fortunately there are still some analysts in the West who think with their brains and not their ankles.  Like Christine Fair.  She is an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at the Georgetown University and has lived in Pakistan and written extensively about the country and its Army.

She was asked about Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and how should India engage with Pakistan?  Her replies and commentary is worth watching.

When asked if India should have talks with Pakistan?  Her succinct answer – NO.  When asked if the Pakistan-India issues can be resolved?  Her answer was NO as well.  And she explains the Indian mindset – to treat the casualties from Pakistani terror as a necessary evil and reduce it to the minimum while focusing on Indian economy and raising the standards.  Of course, “work” needs to be done on Pakistan which should continue.

I think she has very Sage advice.

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