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Kashmir issue may not even be discussed during Modi-Xi summit 

Pakistan keep calling China its eternal friend.  In fact, Imran Khan is at pains to dodge the whole question of Uighur Muslims and their pathetic treatment by the Chinese only because China is such a “great friend”. Despite the so-called great friendship between China and Pakistan, China has confirmed that

18 Sep 19 2 min read

Howdy Modi event – US President Trump to join Modi in Houston

“Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,” is the program being organized by Texas India Forum (TIF), a Houston-based non-profit body, at the NRG Stadium in Houston on September 22, 2019.  The event was fully sold out with 50,000 registered attendees, at least a month in advance with thousands in

16 Sep 19 3 min read

How Brilliantly Amit Shah and Modi Check-mated everyone with Article 370

A month back, the Wire had a shrieking headline which said “The Constitution is allowing the Continued Discrimination against of Valmikis in J&K []“.   This was about the 206-272 families of Dalits who had now grown to 636 families.  Same old obsession with Dalits, right?

05 Aug 19 6 min read

No US State Department, White House or India Foreign Ministry Official Records show Trump-Modi discussion on Kashmir!

This is as bizarre as it gets.  So remember how Donald Trump had declared in a press conference [] with Pak PM Imran Khan that Indian PM Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate in Kashmir?  The only time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US

24 Jul 19 1 min read

Modi-bashing Journalists Cheated by Modi-hater Kapil Sibal and Tiranga TV as the channel goes off air

Kapil Sibal had started a TV channel sometime back, basically to target BJP and Narendra Modi.  Well, it was started with some kind of arrangement with an evangelical TV [] channel in South called – what else – “Harvest TV”. The name change was also a major

15 Jul 19 5 min read

Why Congress and Opposition have completely lost the plot

In 2014, the Indian National Congress was at pains to tell the Indians that Modi was nothing short of a monster, who, interestingly enough, despite a global and widespread campaign of falsehoods and misinformation on the riots in 2002 in Gujarat, had not been indicted by any of the courts.

29 May 19 6 min read

What is it to be a Journalist in Modi’s Era?

In the chargesheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate, three journalists have been mentioned [] – including Shekhar Gupta and Manu Pabby – as taking bribe from the arms dealer Christian Michel to tone down the criticism and say good things about him.   That is

05 Apr 19 2 min read

#MainbhiChowkidar is a Commitment and a Devotion, not a slogan or an affiliation!

Indian PM Narendra Modi is holding his #MainbhiChowkidar meetings [] around the country.  The opposition – in a bid to belittle him – tries to mock him and keeps abusing him.  However, the sentiment of every citizen and person of Indian

01 Apr 19 4 min read

How Narendra Modi goes about meeting Himself!

How a person is with him or herself is the biggest indicator of how he or she is.  Everyone tries to deal with people around him in different ways.  Mostly with respect to the circumstances or one’s own conscience.  But there is one person with whom you cannot play

23 Jan 19 2 min read
Annual and Year-end

Drishtikone’s Annual Predictions for 2019

Every year, we make predictions for the next year on Drishtikone.  These predictions relate to world at large but specifically to three countries – India, US and Pakistan.  The idea is to look at the socio-economic and political trajectory of these societies and see where it will lead them to. Drishtikone's

31 Dec 18 18 min read

3 Critical Steps Needed by Modi Team for 2019 and Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 3

In the first part of our analysis [], we discussed the power of narrative over reality.  Creatively structured and forcefully delivered narrative without shame or remorse can trounce reality in most cases. In the second part of the analysis [], we looked

17 Dec 18 12 min read

Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 1

Shankaran Pillai once fell in the septic tank on the side of a building with no one looking.  He started shouting – “Fire Fire”.  Soon a passerby called the fire-brigade who came looking that side and seeing this poor man in that filthy tank pulled him out and asked “Where is

11 Dec 18 5 min read

How Demonetization keeps paying the Indian taxpayer

Rs 37,500 crores that is $5.3 billion is lying in the Indian banks unclaimed.  No one wants it.  The owners don’t even want anyone to know that it was theirs.  As far as the Indian tax payer is concerned, it is theirs – collectively.  When Modi had said

04 Dec 18 3 min read

Real Story of India’s Economy During Congress vs BJP rules

Let us take a stroll down the economic lane in India.  It was November 2013 and Lakshwadeep was the only place in the country without inflation. Real Story of India’s Economy During Congress vs BJP rules @narendramodi @sgurumurthy #Indianeconomy [

07 Oct 18 4 min read

The Fight beyond Abuse, Mockery and Assault on Democracy

The whole performance of Rahul Gandhi after a disastrous call for the No-Confidence motion – ostensibly done to embarrass the Modi Government – and his lies will go down in the history of Indian governance as legendary.  Here is a party which was the only real national party for over 60 years

21 Jul 18 5 min read

China – the Global and Regional bully – Checkmated by Steady India in Doklam

China has a ‘Three Warfares Strategy’created by its Central Military Commission [] in 2003 and updated in 2010– which incorporates the combination of media war, psychological war and legal war. > In 2003, the Central Military Commission (CMC) approved the guiding conceptual umbrella for information

29 Aug 17 6 min read

Hot Pursuit: Indian Commandos kill and injure 200 in Pak Occupied Kashmir as India Hits Back!

Barely a few months into power Modi Government faced a rather stark situation.   A deadly ambush [] by Tribal guerrillas had attacked Indian Soldiers killing 20 brave men using rocket-propelled grenades and detonating improvised explosive devices in Manipur.  The guerrillas, as was

21 Sep 16 3 min read

Modi Reframes Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!!

Things are achanging between India and Pakistan.  The paradigms are being reconstructed.  Along factual reality I would add. Modi Reframes #Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!! #KashmirCrisis @BJP4JnK [

17 Aug 16 2 min read

Kejriwal’s Degree Fetish: Degrees don’t make a Leader!

What is common between Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Harry Truman, Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s), and Walt Disney? They barely, if at all, completed their High School and never went to college!  Yet, they will be counted in human history as some of the greatest leaders ever! Kejriwal's Degree

06 May 16 6 min read

5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and Why Diplomacy is Useless

The recent NSA talks have – as the author had predicted – been called off by Pakistan.  Numerous analysts and commentators in India and the opposition parties – apart from the various intriguing folks in Pakistan – have been coming up with their own versions of the situation. 5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and

24 Aug 15 14 min read

Operation Maitri: Salute to the Indian Forces!

Despite the utterly disgusting way that the Indian politicians have treated the Indian Armed Forces, the men and women in uniform putting their lives on the line for India have been exemplary always!  Indian Armed Forces are easily one of the most disciplined and professional in the world. In the

27 Apr 15 4 min read

5 Reasons why Gumnami Baba or Bhagwanji was Netaji Himself!

The first part of this series was posted at5 Reasons why Netaji Bose survived air crash and escaped to Russia [] On the night of 19 September, 1985 a body wrapped in tricolor was moved out of Ram Bhavan, a house in front of the circuit

20 Apr 15 9 min read

E-Governance and Modi Government’s Ambitious “Digital India” Program

E-governance has often defined as the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for delivering government services, exchange of information communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone systems and services from the Government to its customers, businesses, other governments, and also management of the entire back office processe and interactions within

23 Mar 15 13 min read

Rahul Gandhi’s Escapade and His Mysterious Video

Who doesn’t love a cute kid who can never get it right?  About a month back, this kid suddenly became the talk of the town.  Ever since he was born, he led the life of a prince, who could do whatever he wished, whenever he wished.  And then suddenly,

10 Mar 15 5 min read

Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?

On December 6, 2010, a book titled [] “26/11 : RSS ki Sazish” (26/11: Conspiracy by RSS) written by Aziz Burney, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper was released by Congress General Secreatary Digvijay Singh on in Delhi. The book is

11 Feb 15 6 min read

Anil Ambani and Adi Godrej profusely praise Modi and Gujarat

At the Vibrant Gujarat summit, Adi Godrej and Anil Ambani gave a lot of praise for Gujarat and Leadership of Modi. Related articles from External Sources Narendra Modi a ‘king among kings’, says Anil Ambani at Vibrant Gujarat summit [] [

11 Jan 13 1 min read

Is Modi getting a Landslide in Gujarat?

It seems Narendra Modi is all set to win the Gujarat poll by a landslide.  Apparently, the higher voter turnout was to push Modi’s margin up as opposed to pull him down.  ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll is suggesting.  Although News 24 suggests that Modi can get closer to 140 seats

17 Dec 12 2 min read

Narendra Modi gives it back to Sonia Gandhi!

Gujarat [,72.6833&spn=1.0,1.0&q=23.2167,72.6833 (Gujarat)&t=h] election campaign is bringing in sharp repartee from both the sides and Narendra Modi [] has probably decided to not take it lying

07 Dec 12 3 min read

Little known facts about Narendra Modi

ModiHere are some interesting and often little known facts about Narendra Modi, who is being voted in almost every media poll to be the next Prime Minister, despite the vilifying campaign against him by the media at large. (Source – Quora []

29 Oct 12 2 min read

Modi is invincible in Gujarat despite free laptops deal from Congress!

Modi during campaigning in GujaratThe latest India Today-ORG opinion poll [] shows that BJP will see an increase of 11 seats in Gujarat taking the seat counts to 128 out of a total of 182 seats.  On the other hand, Congress – which

25 Oct 12 1 min read

Why Narendra Modi SHOULD be the Next PM of India

In an interesting article [] in TOI, Chetan Bhagat suggests that he ran a poll on his Facebook page asking people to vote for the person Who should be India’s PM?. The choices were simple – Narendra Modi or Rahul

02 Jul 12 3 min read

When Mamata Bannerjee had Red Calcultta painted Blue

Its Blue everywhereRed Calcutta – or Kolkatta for the hard-core Bongs – changed its color in 2012.  It was being painted Blue by Mamta Bannerjee, and with a vengeance.  All the bridges, the road dividers, the bus stops and the Government building were given a new coat. Interestingly, in this city of

02 Mar 12 2 min read

How the UPA Government plundered Indian treasury with MNREGA

In this year’s (2011) Economic budget, the UPA Government has allocated Rs 40,100 crore for the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) program, in addition to the Rs.64000 crore sought by the Ministry of Rural Development for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

02 Mar 11 4 min read
Annual and Year-end

Review of 2008 Predictions and New ones for 2009.

For last two years, at Drishtikone, we have presented predictions for the coming years. And it is interesting to see how they have stacked up. Last year also we made some predictions []. Let us first review them a bit and then look at how the

02 Jan 09 3 min read

Dr. Singh's Dishonest and Gutter Politics!

Dr. Singh, India’s PM is an enigmatic person.  He seems honest but some statements he makes, specially at election times, are downright asinine!  He has never been elected. He fought only one election which he lost.  That was from West Delhi.  He made a speech there where he is

10 Feb 07 2 min read

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