Why PM Modi and Indians may have changed the Global consciousness on April 5th

Why PM Modi and Indians may have changed the Global consciousness on April 5th

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came on national TV to share a message on April 3rd, 2020.  While expressing gratitude to those providing services and keeping the essential establishments like hospitals running, he asked for a favor.

For Indians to light a lamp, candle, torch or just cell phone flashlights for 9 minutes starting at 9 PM on April 5th, while switching off the lights.

There were three main points that came together in this appeal:

  • It was a call to action for 1.3 billion to act together for one intention
  • The intention was a positive one – to take us out of this darkness to light by lighting, preferably a lamp or candle
  • To have a sense of gratitude and resolve in this time of global disaster

The call was to move from disappointment and pessimism to optimism, hope and resolve.

Many critics, like always started talking of why not discuss the steps that the administration is taking, what about the testing kits in the hospitals, and what about the supplies or spending of money and giving people the rations.  Their thought being that its an either / or situation.  If you are bringing people together to up the resolve, then you do not have the time to do actual work.

Modi’s administration is doing a lot in very trying circumstances.  But in no society, with even a great reservoir of robust infrastructure, is that enough in the face of what the world is facing today.

The European countries like Italy, France and UK have some of the best medical facilities in the world, but as we discussed in the last post, they are in a complete mess.  No matter what, given India’s population and lack of infrastructure, there is no way that any administration can build facilities that can match those of say Italy or France.

And, honestly, those facilities have done precious little.  Despite all that, the fact is that once the trend line goes beyond a point, no amount of infrastructure can save the population and ward off the deaths.

The only thing that can save is quick action of complete lockdown.  A lockdown that can cut off the oxygen to this virus.  Where the chain is broken and things can be brought under control.

That is what any government, specifically one in a country like India needed to focus on.  The lockdown isn’t an easy step.  It involves a lot of issues – lack of food for many, resources, options, entertainment, work, and most importantly a sense of dejection, hopelessness and depression.

This lockdown has been going on for just less than a fortnight, where people are stuck at home.  Many are reporting domestic altercations and fights.  Once the lockdown is done, testing or other resources is not the main issue – food, sustenance and most importantly mental health is.

Let us evaluate the call to action from Modi in that context.

Is intent even material?

When someone prays for or intends something to happen, does it?  What power does intent have?

William A. Tiller, a professor emeritus at Stanford University has worked to quantify this itself.  What can intent, focused intent accomplish?  The results of his experiments revealed something incredible.  When monks were brought into meditate with the intent of reducing – and then increasing – pH value of the water.  And those electronic devices – called the intention devices – were Fedex’d to labs in Europe and Canada, the results were astonishing.

Although quantum mechanics allows consciousness to have some effect on the collapse of wave functions, most conventional scientists expect the effect to be quite small. Their experience with expert systems, computer-aided design, etc., would cause them to deny the possibility that a specific human intention could be imprinted into a simple electronic device via a meditative process and that this device could then influence a target experiment in accordance with the specific intention. Here, via two very different target experiments, that prevailing supposition has been experimentally tested and found to be fallacious! For each target experiment, one starts with two identical physical devices, isolates them from each other and ?charges? one with the specific intention for the particular experiment. This charging process involved the services of four highly qualified meditators to imprint the device with the specific intention. The devices were then wrapped in aluminum foil and separately shipped, via Federal Express ?2,000 miles to a laboratory where the actual target experiments were conducted by others.Can consciousness be imprinted on electronic devices – Tiller , Kohane and Dibble

Tiller’s experiments were not just with pH value of the water, which was altered thousands of miles away in another laboratory due to those electronic devices once such an intent was embedded in them!  This goes further.

Tiller is convinced that intention can influence physical substances and he has developed a crystalline-based silicon technology that can capture and store an intention directed by a group of meditators. This energetic intention resonates at a frequency that can be recorded or broadcast to achieve a designated effect in people. Early research with this technology in his lab at Stanford, as well as labs in London and Berlin, indicates the ability of directed human intention to increase or lower the pH of water by one point, the growing of larvae at a 30% increased rate, and the killing of bacteria at a 30% increased rate. This implies some sort of non-physical, non-local connection between intention and these physical substances.Science Validates Collective Intention

Bacteria was killed at a 30% increased rate.  Isn’t that significant?  It is not a coincidence that when the late CK Prahalad and Gary Hamel looked at the main drivers of competitor advantage, it was intent that stood out.

It’s equally important to understand the intent of competitors — an aspect often overlooked in traditional competitor analysis. Two decades ago, the late C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel referred to that in an award-winning HBR article Strategic Intent. Highlighting the journeys of Canon and Honda to dominance in the mid-1980s, they pointed out that it was intent that made the difference — not resources. Until 1970, both were relatively small companies, and since traditional competitor analysis is like shooting a snapshot of a moving car without a clue about the driver’s intent, nobody viewed them as threats. As Hamel and Prahalad point out, a snapshot by itself yields little information about “whether the driver is out for a quiet Sunday drive or warming up for the Grand Prix.”The Power of Intent – Harvard Business Review

In the end, it was not the resources, but the intent, that made the main difference!  Sounds familiar?

The art of consecration and meditation and managing energy has been mastered by Indian yogis and Sages in ways no one has been able to.  That is where the understanding of Panch Bhuta (five elements of existence) come from.  The mastery of these Panch Bhuta – Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Akash (Space) – is central to yoga.  That is where the science of Agama comes from – read this – Why Hindus worship idols

Group intent and its impact on social indices

If intent of some accomplished meditators is a powerful force, then group meditative intent can bring about a substantive change in any society.  This was tested by a group of researchers in a set of most amazing experiments.  They used the techniques of Transcendental Meditation® technique and its advanced program, the TM-Sidhi® program to bring about an astonishing impact in US urban areas.

Following up on a 2016 study on group meditation that found a 21.2% reduction in the national homicide rate during the period 2007–2010, a new study focusing on 206 large US urban areas found an even greater decrease of 28.4% in the murder rate. In both studies, the reductions during the period 2007–2010 were in comparison to the baseline period 2002–2006.Group meditation and murder rates

These large urban centers that were selected posed a serious challenge to any law enforcement agency in terms of reducing crime rates.  The impact of collective meditation was substantial.

This change was however achieved only when the group that was generating the collective intent was large enough to impact the social indices of the US population.

During 2007–2010, the size of the TM-Sidhi group located at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, was above or near 1,725 participants, the size predicted to have a positive influence on the US quality of life. This predicted threshold represents the square root of 1% of the US population at that time.Source

And, here is a leader who inspired numbers so large that they could change the very face of the world if the intent and the focus was right even for a few minutes.  If just square root of One Percent of US population could reverse the numbers of crime rate, imagine the power of say even 25% of a 1.3 billion nation!  It can change the planet!

How does fire impact human mind and physiology?

Fire is one of the Panch Bhuta.  Or one of the foundational elements of this existence.  IN yogic science, it is what which sustains life.  What Sun provides and what heat manifests outside in the world and within us is the element of fire.

The impact of fire on human is not fully understood, but it is now being studied.  Something that the yogic sciences and traditions in the East and Persia (Zarathustra) have been established in the societies.

A study at University of Alabama found out something interesting regarding the impact of fire on individuals.

Using a randomized crossover design that disaggregated fire’s sensory properties, pre-posttest blood pressure measures were compared among 226 adults across three studies with respect to viewing simulated muted-fire, fire-with-sound, and control conditions, in addition to tests for interactions with hypnotizability, absorption, and prosociality. Results indicated consistent blood pressure decreases in the fire-with-sound condition, particularly with a longer duration of stimulus, and enhancing effects of absorption and prosociality. Findings confirm that hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multisensory, absorptive, and social experience. Enhancements to relaxation capacities in the human social brain likely took place via feedback involving these and other variables.Hearth and campfire influences on arterial blood pressure

There is a reason why bonfires make people relaxed, share stories they wouldn’t otherwise, and also feel better.

Now, there is evidence that fire impacts blood pressure and enhances sociability.

Bringing millions together – Unprecedented in Human History

India is not a society that works on edicts or commandments.  It works on connects and networks.  Gandhi understood that and created large movements out of innocuous things like making Salt.  To get something through, specifically something as devastating as the greatest global tragedy in the last 100 years, will take more than any government’s resources.  Or wealth.  On this uncharted territory, there are no roadmaps or precedents.

We, as a race, are making history.

In such times, a divided society is a society destroyed.  You cannot win by money or a few machines.  You need to go beyond traditional ways.  And this is how the consciousness will shift in ways that we have little understanding of in recent times.  Consciousness change requires focus and collective intent.

See how Modi brought India together on that night in front of the lamp

Here is how PM Modi used symbolism to bring India together on the night of April 5th.  He was standing in front of a South Indian-style lamp wearing Mundu/Panche/Veshti along with a North Indian Kurta with Gamcha scarf (worn in Eastern India, especially Assam and Bengal), as he himself is from Western India.

That is what Modi set into motion on April 5th.

The numbers he brought together in one intent – not against anyone or anything – but for bringing light into humanity – had the power to move the planet on it axis of consciousness.

What Modi did – if you can have the humility to see – has never happened in the history of this planet!  If he weren’t in politics and the forces of negativity not as ferocious and demeaning, he would have been worshiped as one of the greatest humans to have walked this planet.  Ever.

Here is how the entire India responded to Modi’s call.  In different cities and by different groups – religious, social and economically diverse groups.

Churches rose up as well.

Kashmir Valley was lit up in lamps and candles.

Surat did it.

Soldiers at the Indo-Pak border.

The richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani’s home was lit up as well.

Every type of celebrity – sports and movies – rose up!


What Indians and Modi did on April 5th was therefore unprecedented.

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