Indians showcase Howdy Modi, Pak protesters litter Houston streets

Indians showcase Howdy Modi, Pak protesters litter Houston streets

As expected, India’s ‘Howdy Modi’ rally was a huge success, while the Pakistani protest was a big failure!  With Modi and Trump taking a lap of the stadium, the optics could not have been better for the two countries.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s protest against the event and Modi was a big failure.  No one really gave a damn about that.

Pakistanis trash Houston streets during Howdy Modi

IN fact, the worst thing was how the Pakistani protestors littered the streets of Houston and trashed all around.  After this rally for years to come, two images will linger  One, of Indians cheering as Modi walked the stadium with Trump, hand in hand.  And the other of the litter than Pakistanis left behind.  See the tweet here.

In another embarrassment to the Pakistanis, their federal minister looked like a loser wannabe.

While Congressmen and women, President Trump and Modi were enthralling the 50,000 strong crowds, the Pakistani minister was protesting on foreign soil in the US outside like a beggar.

Just look at the irony.  No one was there to even receive Imran Khan in New York, and their federal minister was loitering outside the venue like a bad wannabe whom no one, except of course the die-hard Pakistanis really cared for.

What use is such a government that is a mere spectator and only excels at protests.

This is world stage.  Not a container to protest on.  If you cannot give anything to the world, then you should get off the stage and do something else.

Protesting is not governing.  And threatening is not a strategy.

The guy looks more like a local goon and cheap Romeo as opposed to a respectable minister.


One’s hatred and useless throwing of the money can get one some cheap publicity.  But real transformation happens when the Government, people, leaders and the system work as one.  Right now, that is one thing that is happening in India.  Meanwhile, in Pakistan, nothing seems to work, because no one is on the same page.  Everyone just wants to protest and terrorize.

One can only give to the world what one has, not what one imagines it to have.  Truth is that Pakistan has been a beggar from its birth and trying to cash its penchant for terror ever since 1947.

There was a time when Pakistan could have been redeemed.  No more.  Pakistan is now just a nuisance and Pakistanis just good at trashing the place they venture to.  That is one stark lesson from the Howdy Modi event.

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