Declaration of Three Wars by Imran Khan in UN General Assembly

Declaration of Three Wars by Imran Khan in UN General Assembly

Imran Khan’s UNGA speech in the United Nation’s General Assembly hall will go down in history as one that set the stage for the Third World War.  For, it wasn’t a speech.  It was a Declaration of Wars.  Not one war but multiple wars.  Let us take a look.  For those who wanted to read the complete speech – you can download it from here – Imran Khans Speech in UNGA

Imran Khan's UNGA speech was not really a speech. Declaration of Wars. Not one, but multiple ones. Wars that will go to the very gut of modern civilization's survival. Click To Tweet

The First War – Clash of Civilizations – West Vs Islam

Western world and the Islamic world come from the same origin.  They are the religions of the book.  Yet, the Western world, specifically post World War II has found a way to separate the state from the religion.  Religion is the preserve of the individual and not mandated or orchestrated by the state.  Which is different from the Islamic world.  The Islamic world has not found in itself to do that.  And, that is because in Islam state is the mandator of religion and no one can have another say.  Private religion is taboo and no one can practice another religion to their fullest extent.  That is why there are no Synagogues, Temples, Churches or Gurudwaras in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and thousands of adherents of other religions go through a systematic purge in countries like Pakistan.

One of the reasons for Islamophobia; in 1989 this book was published maligning, ridiculing our Prophet (PBUH).  The west could not understand what was the problem. They don’t look at religion the way that we do. And so; in their eyes Islam was an intolerant religion. It became a watershed.  And every 2-3 years someone would malign our Prophet (PBUH), Muslims would react, and the west would term them intolerant.  I blame some people in the West who provoked Muslims. But this is where majority of the Muslim leaders let the Muslim community down. Our Prophet (PBUH) was the witness to our Divine book, the Holy Quran.  The Prophet (PBUH) is the ideal we want to live up to.

That is why when Imran Khan said that “They don’t look at religion the way that we do.” – he hit the nail on the head in terms of defining the Clash of Civilization!  He articulated so uncannily the very fault line that Samuel Huntington had so eloquently referred to in his book.

The West’s universalist pretensions increasingly bring it into conflict with other civilizations, most seriously with Islam and China; at the local level fault line wars, largely between Muslims and non-Muslims, generate “kin-country rallying,” the threat of broader escalation, and hence efforts by core states to halt these wars.

Yes, the Western Universalism is a farce and self-serving, but a clash is ominous for the world.  When this fault line is raised in as big a forum as the United Nation’s General Assembly, then this does not remain a social and cultural churn or a Work in progress any more.  It is laid out in concrete terms at the global stage.  The declaration of the “Clash of Civilizations” has been made.  It has been sanctified on the biggest of world stages by a head of state.  Specifically, by the head of a state that is globally recognized as Islamic terror capital.

Once the genie is formally out of the bottle, it will be difficult to put it back.  This will only grow further.

Most importantly, it will tear the local populations and societies apart.  As Huntington said, the divisions will not happen between nations, but cultures.  In today’s multi-cultural societies, once Islam is posited against the Western culture in a formal way and legitimized on a World stage, the repercussions will reverberate at the local level.  Congressional districts of US, Constituencies in UK and many housing sub-divisions will see the churn.  Streets will see the clashes.  This attack by the Pakistanis on a Canadian with differing views happened on the streets of New York and as Tarek Fatah suggests that many such gangs were moving around in New York post Imran Khan’s speech!

And it is not that the subtle Islamists’ battle in the West with others of their ilk has just started.  In a report based on extensive research into the Grooming gangs in UK, two Pakistani origin researchers from Quilliam (which calls itself a “counter-extremism organisation”) wrote:

During our time researching for this report, the numbers that we have found are, frankly, alarming. The over-representation of Asian-ethnicity (predominantly British Pakistani origin) individuals in this specific crime profile is conclusively irrefutable, and when this data reaches the public, we hope that it will an eye-opener for many and a point from which we can all move forward towards solutions. (source)

These grooming gangs are the most disturbing manifestation of Islam Vs West disease perpetrating at the local and street level.  And, this is not just confined to UK but goes across Europe.  In Finland’s Oulu, Adult Muslim migrant men were “Grooming” (raping and otherwise sexually abusing) girls under 15 years of age.  The convicted were: Rahmani Gheibali (originally from Afghanistan), Shiraqa Yosefi, Osman Ahmed Mohamed Humad, Javad Mirzad, Ali Osman Mohamed, Hassan Mohamud Mohamed, Qayssar Mohsin Sbahi Aldhulaiei, and Abdo Ibrahim Ahmed.

To fully understand the import of the threat at the local level from positing Islam Vs West and sanctifying it at the world stage, one needs to read the statement by one survivor of the Grooming gang torture and abuse.

As a teenager, I was taken to various houses and flats above takeaways in the north of England, to be beaten, tortured and raped over 100 times. I was called a “white slag” and “white c***” as they beat me.  They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin, and because I didn’t dress “modestly”, that they believed I deserved to be “punished”. They said I had to “obey” or be beaten. (source)

Further, she shares something dastardly that was pushed on her to be ingrained in her mind:

Muslim girls are good and pure because they dress modestly, covering down to their ankles and wrists, and covering their crotch area. They stay virgins until marriage. They are our girls.
“White girls and non-Muslim girls are bad because you dress like slags. You show the curves of your bodies (showing the gap between your thighs means you’re asking for it) and therefore you’re immoral. White girls sleep with hundreds of men. You are the other girls. You are worthless and you deserve to be gang-raped.

This is what her abusers and rapists grilled into her.  Now, read Imran Khan discussing the Islam vs West topic.

My third point is Islamophobia; there are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Muslims living across all continents. Islamophobia has grown since 9/11 and it is alarming. It is creating divisions.
Muslim women wearing Hijab has become a problem. It is seen as a weapon. A woman can take off her clothes in some countries but she can not put more on? And why has this happened? Because certain western leaders equated Islam with terrorism.

He is discussing Islamophobia in the same lingo that the Groomers of the British girls justified her rapes.  Do you see what Imran Khan is doing here?  Specifically when he spends so much time explaining the rising “Islamophobia” in England?

His speech is a Dog Whistle to the Islamists in those societies.  It is a message – I have your back.  I am your representative at the world stage.  What you have been telling your victims, I will turn that same message around and use to justify legal action and social revulsion against you in your societies.

This will give these gangs from Manchester to Oulu a weapon to keep perpetuating their crimes with impunity.

The Second War – Moderate Muslims Vs Radical Islamists

After 9-11, it was clear to the world that there was a major streak of civilizational battle underlying the Muslim populations in the West.  However, it was neither correct nor civilized to target all Muslims for the crimes of a few.  To make that distinction between those who use Islamic tenets and beliefs as a weapon versus those who merely use it as a personal faith while embracing the world at large, the commentators distinguished between Moderate and Radical Muslims.  The latter were those who wanted to fight in the name of Islam, by their own pronouncements, not allegations by others.  They were fighting only and only in the name of Islam.  As was clear in the case of the Grooming victim in the UK, the crimes were directly a result of their interpretation of their faith.

As Imran Khan led out a war cry at the end of his speech in the august halls of United Nations’ General Assembly by saying – And my belief is ‘La ilaha ill Allah’, there is no God but one. We will FIGHT! – make no mistake, he was mainstreaming terrorism.

When Khan pooh-poohed the whole concept of Radical Islam and challenged the differentiation between moderate and radical Muslim, he was taking away the only tool and nuance in the hands of law enforcement officials and social commentators to not criminalize the general population for the crimes of a few.

What is radical Islam? There is only ONE Islam and that is the Islam of Prophet (PBUH).  Why is there Islamophobia? How will an average American differentiate between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim? This has nothing to do with our religion.

Do you see what this diabolical line of argument has the potential to do?  If moderate Muslims and Radical Islamists (terrorists and their sympathizers) were two rooms full of people, then the hoarders from one room have suddenly broken down the barriers between the rooms to now use moderate Muslims as human shields in the event of any force moving in to enforcing the law of the land and fight terror.

The distinction between the two has indeed been at the heart of the struggle in the West on how to fight Islamic terror while not targeting all Muslims.  Imran Khan by using a mind-bogglingly insensitive argument has suddenly unleashed a social movement that has the potential of far serious ramifications than those we can fathom right now.

If Imran Khan’s words and articulation is taken seriously by the Muslims globally, as the author is painfully seeing is indeed happening, then Imran Khan has suddenly ratcheted up the fight against Islamic terrorism from the Enforcement agencies using a scalpel to them being forced to use a tank.  Not because they want it so.  But because this diabolical champion of Muslims has suddenly threatened the battle on that scalpel – the distinction between Moderate and Radical Muslims.

If Huntington saw the future, Imran Khan has given the war cry for the ultimate Clash of Civilizations.

The Third War – Pakistan Vs BJP and Hindus

This is the first time in the history of International discourse, when a head of state has targeted another Head of State and his party personally.  Not the other country as an adversary, but the person and beliefs of the Head of State.  And, in that endeavor, he has leveraged the internal political utterances by his adversaries completely out of context.

Arrogance has blinded PM Modi and BJP.

All to threaten war against India.  Not BJP, not Narendra Modi, but against India.

Supposing a country 7 times smaller than its neighbour; faced with a question. Either you surrender, or you fight till the end. I ask myself this question. And my belief is ‘La ilaha illAllah’, there is no God but one. We will FIGHT!
I am not threatening here about a nuclear war; it is a worry.

That he translates the Indian Parliament’s action in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir into an existential question for Pakistan’s survival so glibly is indeed striking.  And then he uses this bizarre equivalence to announce an Islamic right to launch a war against India.  A Nuclear one no less.

If his diatribe against RSS, the BJP and the Indian PM personally did not make his Hinduphobic tendencies clear, his war cry at the end of his speech very eloquently did the job.

Pakistan is now announcing a war against the Indian electorate which voted for Narendra Modi, and specifically the Hindus.  And nothing made it clearer than his invocation to the Indian Muslims (180 million Muslims in India).

Don’t you think that 180 Million Muslims will be radicalised in India as they see 8 million Kashmiris locked up? And what about 1.3 billion Muslims who are watching this knowing that this is only happening to Kashmiri Muslims.

We are no longer talking of Pakistan Vs India.  We are now talking of Pakistan Vs Hindus.  And, that is this is a remarkably serious moment.

Just as his speech will be a dog whistle to the elements who want to tear the societies of the Western countries apart, it will also act as a message to the social elements in India to tear it’s society apart.

India is not BJP or RSS.  And, neither all Hindu.  But the Nuclear bomb or the bullet of the terrorists sent India’s way will kill all.  BJP, RSS, Hindus are mere justifications.  The preparation is for a war against Indians.  And, unfortunately, Congress and local opposition leaders have become willing partners in this dream of the planned dismantling of India by a bunch of mad and mentally deranged men sitting in the ISI and Pakistani Army headquarters using Imran Khan as their mouthpiece.


It is not as if before Imran Khan spoke of these things, they had never been spoken.  They were.  But by conspiracy theorists, radical and extremist people, radio jockeys and TV anchors in Pakistan’s media controlled by the Pakistani Army.  They were not consequential.  For, they were always preaching to the choir.  When a Zaid Hamid spewed venom against RSS or Modi on Pakistani national TV, it was for the local people who were being brought up on hatred.

Not something that could pretend or dream to be a mainstream global discourse.

By collecting the venom of those locally articulated commentaries, and mouthing them as the building blocks of his war cry against all non-Islamic societies and people (West, moderate Muslims, and Hindus/India) at the global stage, he has legitimized Zaid Hamidian insanity.  UNGA’s august halls have now been sprayed with the darkness of Hamidian strain.  Its reverberations will be heard all the way from the UK, to the US, to Germany, to Finland, to India and in every major city of the civilized world.  Except the Chinese or Russian, where local Muslims are being finished up in concentration camps.  A scenario blessed by the blindness of Imran Khan and the rest of the Islamic world.

Imran Khan’s speech will be followed up with visits by his team to the major Islamic countries in the middle east.  This was shared by Shah Mahmood Qureshi in an answer to his local TV.  The war, my friends, has begun.  And, it is led by a set of leaders who made terrorism and nuclear proliferation into a global industry!

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