Extreme Hinduphobia Spread by Liberals is Endangering Hindu Lives Globally!

Extreme Hinduphobia Spread by Liberals is Endangering Hindu Lives Globally!

Extreme Hinduphobia is now being legitimately spread by liberals and liberal media the world over.  And it has consequences!

In Murshidabad, a family of an RSS worker – Bandhu Prakash Pal (35), his wife Beauty Mondal Pal (30) and son Angan Bandhu Pal (6) – was murdered by someone in a Muslim majority area. Prakash was a school teacher who worked in Gosaigram Sahapara Primary school and was a part-time RSS worker.

RSS bashing sans facts and extreme #Hinduphobia from @NPR, @nytimes, @TheYoungTurks is now leading to gruesome killings of Hindus and innocent RSS workers at an alarming rate! Click To Tweet

On September 27, Imran Khan openly gave a dog whistle to Hindu haters in general and RSS haters in particular.  It was basically meant to create an environment where RSS bashing and killing its workers would become normalized.  Hinduphobia was institutionalized in the liberal minds.  And, that has been carried on by the so-called liberal media and India’s opposition parties with impunity.

As a consequence, hate is being propagated against one community and certain Indian organizations in specific, globally.  All with the subtext that justifies killing people associated or linked to BJP and RSS.

As long as the victims of gruesome killings are from BJP or RSS or just plain Hindus, it is ok to kill them, burn them and behead them.  Of course, after the killing, burning or beheading you can place the blame of that crime squarely on whom the liberals self-righteously think it lies – the Hindu victim!  That is how the butchers of Hindus and the so-called liberal media work in tandem!  One kills and the other applauds with gusto of a cheerleader!

What is RSS and how did it gain prominence?

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh came into being at a time when the communal tensions were at their peak in India.  In those times, after around 200 years of colonial rule, the British had created divisions in society.  Riots were common, which killed scores.  In that time, as a representative of the Hindus, an organization was born called RSS.

Over the years, RSS has been accused of a lot of things by Nehruvian Congress, which feared losing to a Hindu representative party, if it was allowed to be mainstream.  RSS and its workers were targeted and persecuted by using the false pretext – that RSS was involved in the assassination of Gandhi.  Despite the court ruling that it was not involved.  Nathuram Godse, who killed Gandhi, was acting alone.  This was not just the ruling of the Punjab High Court which heard the Gandhi Assassination case, but something that Rahul Gandhi – who had made that accusation carelessly – had to reiterate as well to the highest court in the land.

Rahul Gandhi told the Supreme Court in a defamation hearing that he never meant that RSS was involved in the assassination of Gandhi.

Further, it is instructive to listen to a learned Justice of a High court explain the verdict of Punjab High Court in tat case.  This speech by Justice KT Thomas, a practicing Christian, goes into the whole lies of RSS and involvement in Gandhi’s assassination.

Now, let us go into the time and context of when RSS gained real prominence.

Partition and Hindu Muslim Riots

When India was to get freedom, in August 1946, Mohammad Ali Jinnah of the Muslim League declared the Direct Action Day on August 16th – the 18th day of Ramzan – which coincided with the Battle of Badr.  And, quite obviously, he invoked Battle of Badr to attack Hindus.

In just 72 hours 4000 Hindus were killed and 100,000 left homeless.

By early afternoon, Muslims armed with iron rods, sticks, swords and weapons started streaming out of the mosques in areas like Park Circus, Metiabruz, Rabindra Sarani and Garden Reach and congregating at the Ochterlony monument (the Shahid Minar now) for the Muslim League rally. The gathering, estimated variously between 60,000 and 200,000, was by far the largest assembly of Muslims in Bengal. (source)

Killings in Calcutta started the killings in Bihar, the United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh), Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP).  The Noakhali riots being the worst of them.  The mastermind was Gholam Sarwar Husseini, a close associate of  Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy.  By some estimates, 50,000 Hindus died in those riots in Bihar.

In Bengal and Bihar, the main riot battles were fought between Muslim League and Indian National Congress followers.  RSS was nowhere there.

The work of RSS was primarily in Punjab, where it made the Hindus aware of what was to come to Punjab, given the situation in Bengal.  And it did.

Yes, RSS came up in prominence as a reactionary organization to Muslim League, but more for the defense of hapless Hindus who were targeted shamelessly without any opposition.  As was visible post Direct Action Day.

Now about the many “hateful statements” attributed to RSS leaders.  The fact is that they never uttered them.  These are typical and classic hit jobs.  Like this one which was put in place by the untiring True Indology.

RSS and Hitler – in a time of British Colonial Rule full of Genocides

During World War II, two groups Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria) versus Allies (U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia) fought the battles.

India had been ravaged by the British. 5.5 million Indians died in British territory. The mortality numbers in the princely states (states British gave protection to) are unknown. The deaths from the many famines orchestrated specifically by the British were separate.  And the estimates for them vary from 6.1 to 10.3 million.

Many in India, not just the RSS, before and during World War II believed and rightly so that aligning with Hitler against the British was the right way to go.

You see, around 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, but much before that, twice more than that number of Indians had already died!  So excuse us but for where the Indians saw the two devils, the British were far more sinister than Hitler was.

That is why Subhash Bose did align himself with the Axis powers are was successful in paving the road for India’s freedom!  For complete context on how Indian REALLY got the independence from the British, please read How India got its Independence – The Real Story

So, yes, Hitler was the right go-to person against demons like Churchill!  The only reason why the British feign piety is because they won and Hitler lost.  Otherwise, their deeds were far more ghastly than those of Hitler.  Listen to this narration of their sordid tale by Shashi Tharoor, no friend of the RSS, and think for a moment from the standpoint of an Indian in the 1930s, whom would you have aligned with – Britain or Hitler – to drive the devils that Brits were, out of India?

Context is important and you cannot judge the murderous ways of British and Allied powers of the 18th, 19th and the early 20th centuries by the narrative that the world has come to know now.

As if the demonic ways of power started and ended with Hitler in mankind’s history.

Hitler was a demon all right.  But the British and others were even worse.  The ONLY reason why they come out ahead is because THEY wrote the story of history!  And, for Indians, it made complete sense to align with the Germans to fight their colonial tormentors.

So, all that brouhaha over RSS ‘praising’ Hitler?  Well, guess what?  He was ready to assist Indians to fight the British who had done far more genocides in India than he could manage in his lifetime!

It was a war strategy and a successful one at that!

Demonizing the Hindus is now a global sport.  Let us look into that.

Liberal Hinduphobia – Demonizing Hindus as they are Burned and Butchered

Let us face it.  Liberals are not just content with spreading falsehoods but have now assumed to the role of cheerleaders of those who mercilessly butcher and kill Hindus.

On February 27, in Godhra, Gujarat; 60 Hindus were burnt alive (men, women, old people, kids) in a train where an entire bogey was set on fire while the Muslim mobs shut down the doors and windows so no one could escape!  Teesta Setalvad, who interestingly became the “champion of Minority Rights” gave a statement to Washington Post where she said.

‘Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.’  (source)

This was before all hell broke loose in Gujarat in 2002.  And also remember that the entire case against Narendra Modi was made on the basis of her questionable ‘work’ in that riot.

Now, read and re-read this statement slowly and carefully many times over with the following pictures in mind.

Charred body of a Godhra victim
Charred body of an infant
Charred bodies lying outside the bogie

Once you have watched the bodies of the victims and the dehumanizing response of the most popular “human rights activist” peddling her “moral services” on the subject of riots and minorities, let us analyze her statement.

60 people who were Hindus, were returning from Ayodhya – arguably, one of the holiest places for Hindus – and they were burnt alive by Muslim mobs in the cruelest manner possible.  The doors were sealed off and no one was allowed to come out even when they were burning.  Including infants!

And, this woman stated the following:

  • they were ‘returning karsevaks’ who were returning from Ayodhya, UP (which is roughly 1200 kms from the spot where they were burnt alive)
  • they were assembled in Ayodhya – which she called as provocative and unlawful, while no such statement was ever made by the local government.  Even if such a thing ever happened, it should have been a law enforcement issue – not a “provocation to burn human beings alive!”
  • Their mere presence there (irrespective of her categorization and characterization) was enough to provoke Muslims throughout the world.

So she was implying two things:

  1. Even if some Hindu goes to Ayodhya to the place where Lord Ram was born, just his/her (even infant) mere presence is enough and sufficient cause to provoke Muslims
  2. If a Hindu – even an infant or a senior – has set foot near the birthplace of Lord Ram, it is sufficient cause for a Muslim to burn him or her alive.

Do you see the extreme diabolical ways of Teesta?

Well, Teesta is not alone.  Young Turks, a popular media organization, also did a hit job against the Hindus and they echoed Teesta Setalvad’s diabolical, bigoted and Hinduphobic comments.  And, these are not just comments, these are statements that attempt to dehumanize Hindus so targeting them – burning women and children – is considered justified.  That is what Young Turks did as Sham Sharma puts their lies in context with facts to back up.  Listen to the Young Turk cheerleader of those who “righteously” (per her) burnt the Hindus.  She just stopped short of calling those who planned (yes planned) and burned the Hindus – women, children, old men and women along with young men – as heroes even.  That is how toxic and diabolical the liberal narrative has become!

For the full program from Sham Sharma, watch this.

To understand the complete timeline and the truth of Gujarat riots, as they happened, here is a fact based article. In short, these bullets should clearly show what had really happened and how serious Narendra Modi was to handle the riots that ensued.  Just remember that February 2002 had 28 days – and NOT 31 days as is alluded to by most Indian and global media!

  1. Train was burnt on Feb 27th, 2002.
  2. Riots started on Feb 28th.
  3. Army was called on Feb 28th itself within hours
  4. Army began flag marches on the next day i.e March 1st (Feb in 2002 had 28 days)
  5. By March 3rd, riots were under control.

So, when you listen to the rant by Young Turks, remember the timeline – and specifically the details and the date of the “accidental train fire” along with when the riots started as well as the statements made about the Hindus who had been killed by the Muslims in Godhra in a pre-planned manner.

Liberal Dog whistle to Hindu Haters and killers!

In Kerala, by 2017, 120 BJP and RSS workers had been killed since the Communists have come to power in that state.

Like we said earlier, just this week, in Murshidabad, the family of an RSS worker was brutally killed in cold blood! They were Bandhu Prakash Pal (35), his wife Beauty Mondal Pal (30) and son Angan Bandhu Pal (6).  Beauty Mondal Pal was pregnant!  These are the pictures of the murdered family!

And just this week, another murder of a BJP worker happened in Bengal.  Hindu Priest, Supriyo Bannerjee, was killed!  His was the 81st murder of Hindus in Bengal.

The killings that have happened of BJP and RSS workers and Hindus in the last 5 years is now happening at an alarming rate and it is backed by the Indian and Global liberal media.

All, because of the hatred being spread globally against the Hindus in general and RSS and BJP specifically!  Of course, there are no campaigns or write ups in the global liberal media to say that there is a cost to the Hinduphobia and the mindless as well as fact-less RSS-bashing being indulged by the so-called Liberal media in India and abroad!

This mass murder has to stop!


Yes Hinduism is a pluralistic way of life.  But killing and demonizing Hindus while not expecting any push back or self-defense from Hindus is not being liberal.  It is being fascist!  It is actually like behaving as Hitler himself.  Or Churchill for that matter.

Targeting a group of people out of righteousness is not tolerable.  It is not human.  It is not democratic and it is certainly not civilized.  When those 60 Hindus died in that train in a pre-planned attack by Muslims, can you imagine the pain they endured?  Did their shrieks and burning flesh, of their kids, seem any less unbearable than that of those who died in 9-11?

Then how can liberals even attempt to justify their burning with such gusto, while they would not even entertain even the 9-11 victims were blamed for the tragedy that befell them?  How is it that victims of 9-11 are shown human decency, but victims of Godhra 2002 not done the same?

A lot of fake information is spread by social media these days.  But the strange thing is that falsehoods are being spread against India, Modi, BJP, and Hindus by mainstream media.  The New York Times, Washington Posts and NPR!

This diabolical agenda needs to be taken on with facts and truth.  For, devils, even when they come cloaked in angelic robes, cannot be allowed to spread mayhem!

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