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Definitive Guide on India's National Population Register (NPR)

National Population Register has become a hot topic in India and a lot of falsehoods and misleading claims and information are being spread all over.  Here is detailed guide on what it is, it’s history, its components and how it helps. History of National Population Register (NPR) After Kargil,

27 Dec 19 4 min read

The Deeper Fight between Human and Islamic Identities

Even before anyone had showed himself on the door, Bella – our lovely dog – started barking.  If that moment someone had asked her as to what she experiences in her vicinity, she would have named that friend of mine as well.  Had I been asked the same question, I couldn’t

30 Oct 16 4 min read

Piecing together a 435,000 years old Murder Mystery…

Murder is as old to human kind as human being is.  Different cultures have had different views on murder. There was once a time and some cultures where murder was more easily tolerated [] and one could

28 May 15 4 min read

Does Social Media Encourage Violent Teen Behavior?

Just as India is reeling in the aftermath of the mindless Gangrape of the Delhi Braveheart; US is too going through a similar heart-burn and contemplation of its own societal situation after the Steubenville gang rape incident.  This is some of the information on the rape case. (Also read Lessons

16 Jan 13 2 min read

NPR and News: Quality and Innovation at the forefront

My friend, Prem [], who writes on Drishtikone – would often reprimand me about the quality of the posts written on the blog.  Initially, to start with, I was more concerned about the quantity as opposed to quality of the posts.  He clearly disagreed.  It took

14 Apr 10 2 min read

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