Impossibly Ignorant Ria D'Souza and her Hate-filled Rant on NPR

Impossibly Ignorant Ria D'Souza and her Hate-filled Rant on NPR

What is being unleashed on India currently is the activism of the idiots.  If US elections were the most successful experiment of using fake news plus hate narratives to win an election, then what is happening now in India goes one step further.  It is an experiment of institutionalizing hate and falsehoods by established political parties to an extent that those participating in violent and hate filled activism are just mindless, clueless robots with zero knowledge of what is going on.

Worse, they are celebrities.  Actress, ex-journalists etc.

Ria D’Souza loses her mind

When they are cornered they start mouthing inanities where they allege all kinds of things about Muslims and Hindus being treated differently.  Ask them how and they start throwing random stuff.  One such exchange happened in TimesNow recently with Ria D’Souza, the Indian National Congress representative from South Mumbai and a social media activist who is rabidly against the BJP and her idea of Hindus and Hinduism.

True to her Twitter name, RiaRevealed, she did reveal herself quite well.

But before we go to her performance and that of others, let us first understand the topic.

Like we have discussed in our previous post – Definitive Guide on National Population Register, the National Population Register (NPR) has already been created in 2010 after 6 years (2003-2009) of pilot program.  It was subsequently updated with the seeding of the Aadhaar data in it and then digitized.

What is happening now in 2021 is a re-run of the same exercise that was done in 2010 with the following additional information, none of which is “divisive” or out of ordinary in any way.  Of course, the Aadhaar data was already added in 2015.

  • PAN
  • driving licence
  • voter ID
  • passport information

So let us look at the outrage from Ria D’Souza on the NPR and her level of knowledge with respect to it.  Notice how even Tehseen Poonawala, the vocal Congress guy is finding it extremely hard to stop his laughter.

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