Sanjay Leela Bhansali producing movie on Modi’s life called Mann Bairagi

Sanjay Leela Bhansali producing movie on Modi’s life called Mann Bairagi

Indian PM Narendra Modi’s life is very inspiring.  So many aspects of his life are worth noting and getting motivated from.  Now, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, one of the most amazing Director-Producers of Bollywood is producing a movie on a real story from PM Modi’s life.  The movie is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and will be co-produced by Mahaveer Jain. It is written & directed by Ssanjay Tripaathy.

#MannBairagi is a movie on a real incident in PM Modi's life. It is produced by Sanjar Leela Bhansali. Going to be really worth the wait! #NarendraModi @narendramodi Click To Tweet

Akshay Kumar shared a poster of the movie today.

Earlier too, a movie was made by Vivek Oberoi titled PM Narendra Modi, which became center of political controversy during the elections.  That was on the entire life journey of the PM.  That was a broad brush take on PM Modi’s life.  The way the man conducts himself in the face of abuse and constant low-level provocations against him is indeed mind-boggling.

To handle such perversions by others and yet retain the mental and emotional balance is not easy.  Only those who are very still within can manage that.

That is why, I believe, no matter what area of life you pick from Modi’s journey, it will be one that will ultimately land up giving you something in return.  His way of handling life is such.

The lead role is being played by a budding actor Abhay Verma.  he shared a story on Instagram about this movie.

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The movie is based on a story that is not in the public domain.  It has been well researched by the team and basis that, they have created the script.

“What interested me in the story was it’s universal appeal and message. The story was very well researched and the turning point of our PM’s life, as a young man, really intrigued me. I felt that it’s a story that is unheard of and needs to be told”. (source)

So, it should be an interesting insight into the life of a man who will go down in the history of India as someone who irretrievably shaped India.

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