Noakhali Genocide – How Jinnah’s Direct Action Day led to a Mass Bloodbath of Hindus

Noakhali Genocide – How Jinnah’s Direct Action Day led to a Mass Bloodbath of Hindus

It is Kojagari Lakshmi Puja for Hindus in the entire Bengal region and also the day when Noakhali genocide started!  73 years ago, Muslims – motivated by butchers Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy after Jinnah’s call of Direct Action Day, started a genocide and religious cleansing that is unparalleled in human history.  It is said that so many Hindus were killed that even burying them or burning them was not a possibility.  The rivers had turned red with blood.

The Noakhali Genocide was instigated by Jinnah's Direct Action Day and Suhrawardi's hate speeches and murderous gangs! So many Hindus were killed that rivers were red and bodies all over! Click To Tweet

Noakhali saw the worst of humanity ever!

It is important to understand that history has been written by small and sick minds in India, who wanted to wash away certain genocides while highlighting others.  The so-called perverts turned leaders like Gandhi and Nehru ensured that the lives of only certain groups mattered.  Not others.  A malaise that continues till today!

Here is a thread from Vampire Cat where he details the events that happened and the death that blackened the soul of humanity for ever!  He recounts the details of that genocide of Hindus by Muslims

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