How Nothing has Changed in Pakistan Since Ahmed Faraz Lamented Aisa Nahin Hone Doonga

Last updated on Aug 18, 2016

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Pakistan is a strange country and culture.  The elite – formed mostly of Punjabis who have an inferiority complex about their very identity but confident in their arrogance.  The Punjabis very quickly pushed their way to rule the country and perpetuate their ways in every area of governance and culture.  This also meant mindless violence against the others.

It all started with the Kashmiris and then against the Bengalis, the Muhajirs (Urdu speaking who has moved from India), the Balochis and the Sindhis.

What happened in the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was nothing short of genocide.  Millions died.  All at the hands of a force – the Pakistan Army – which is dominated by the Punjabis.

Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz

Ahmed Faraz was arguably the best Urdu poet of the last century from Pakistan.  In his landmark poem “Nahin Aisa Nahin Hone Doonga” (No, I won’t let it Happen), he laments the situation back in those days when Karachi was burning with violence against the Muhajirs.  Not that the violence or its severity ever ceased, it just engulfed many other areas over the decades.  Today Karachi is no better.  But Balochistan, NWFP, Sindh and Kashmir are also in flames.  And all because the identity of Pakistan is up in the air and the fetish of terrorism does not leave the mindset of any of the Army Generals.

Here is the Audio of this poem in Ahmed Faraz’s own voice and the lyrics under it (courtesy Blind to Bounds).

Ab mere dosray bazoo pe wo shamsheer hai jo
Is se pehle bhi mera nisf badan kaat chuki
Usi bandooq ki goli/nali hai meri samt ke jo
Is se pehle bhi meri shah rag ka lahu chaat chuki

Phir wohi aag dhar aye hai meri galyuun mein
Phir mere sehn mein barood ki boo pheli hai
Phir se tu kaun hai mein kaun hoon aapas mein sawal
Phir wohi soch mayan man o tu pheli hai

Meri Basti se parey bhi mere dushman hongey
Per yahan kab koi aghyaar ka lashker utra
Ashnaa haath hi aksar mari jaanib lapkey
Mere seeney mein mera apna hi khanjar utra.

Phir wohi khauf ki deewar, tazabzub ki faza
Phir hui aam wohi ahl e riya ki baatein
Nara e hubbe watan, maal e tajarat ki tarah
Jins e ajzaan ki tarah, deen e Khuda ki baatein

Is se pehle bhi to aisi hee gadi aye thee
Subh e wehshat ki tarah shaam e gharibaan ki tarah
Is se pehle bhi to paimaan e wafa tootay thay
Sheesha dil ki tarah aina e jaan ki tarah

Phir kahan ahmeri hoton pe duaon ke diye
Phir kahan shabnami chehron pe refaqat ki rida
Sandali paon se mastana ravi rooth gai
Marmari haathon pe jal bujh gaya angaar e hina

Dil nashin aankhon mein furqat zada kaajal roya
Shaakh e bazoo ke liye zulf ka baadal roya
Misl e pairahan e gul phir se badan chaak hue
Jaise apnon ki kamanon mein hon aghyar ke teer

Is se pehle bhi hua chand muhabbat ka do neem
Noke e dashna sey khinchi thi meri matti pe lakeer
Ab magar aisa nahee aisa nahee honay dena
Aye mere sokhta jaano mere pyaare logon

Ab ke gar zalzaley aaye to qayamat hogi
Mere dil geer mere dard ke maare logon
Kisi ghasib, kisi zaalim/ kisi jaabir kisi hakim ke liye
Khud ko taqseem na kara mere saray logo

~Ahmed Faraz

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