Obnoxious Indians when we deal with our own

Working with or being interviewed by a fellow-desi (Indian) is one of the worst experience that any Indian can go through on the career front.

Recently, a friend was being interviewed by this guy for a senior role in India (he wants to move from US to India after 7-8 years of working here).  The Interviewer on the other side – within the first few minutes moves down the educational credentials to ask him the college where he did his undergrad at!!!  The role is a SENIOR MANAGEMENT ROLE!!

Another friend was being interviewed for an applications role at an electronics company somewhere in NE USA.  The desi who happened to be a contractor to the company (since they really didnt have many permanent employees in that area) goes down the educational list and starts grilling on which year did the guy go to IIT (he was an IIT-ian)… and which majors he had and the GPA!!!  Then he asks him – “Why do you want to move to industry from consulting”  .. “Because I want to settle down and get off the road” …. and then comes the most surprising counter question “Then why not go back to India?”.. HELLO!!!!??? My friend did not want to get angry in the interview so retorted back “I am a US citizen”.

It seems that clueless interviewer was pissed off with the answer and felt slighted!

Another friend was being interviewed where he was asked to detail each and every field on a certain screen in an SAP transaction!!

There is a reason why we Indians do not do well at the management level.  We are just too anal … and have no respect for the privacy of the other guy or any politeness.  I wonder if this idiot would have asked the same question if he was interviewing an Australian living in the US and interviewing!

Would you like to share your experiences of similar situations?

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