Pak stoops to new low, says we forced India to talk

Hours after India proposed dates for Foreign Secretary-level talks, Pakistan has claimed that it was New Delhi which had blinked not Islamabad.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that it was India which had talked about breaking their “relationship” with us and their turning their back on us.

“But two days ago, India has approached and said they want to sit and talk to us and want to resume their relationship with us,” Qureshi told a public meeting in Multan in Punjab yesterday.

“Pakistan hasn’t knelt… It didn’t kneel. Pakistan held its ground,” the Pakistan Foreign Minister indulging in rhetorics as a build up to the talks has started.

Qureshi said that Pakistan would present its case before India claiming “our case is strong. It’s not weak, whether it be Kashmir or water or any other issue.”

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