'Pakistan, China Exposed; Masood Azhar's Listing More Than Symbolic'

'Pakistan, China Exposed; Masood Azhar's Listing More Than Symbolic'

American and western pressure is one of the key reasons for China letting JeM chief Masood Azhar be blacklisted as a terrorist at the UN. Former Secretary in India’s External Affairs Ministry Vivek Katju talks to SNI Associate Editor Amitabh P Revi on how the surgical strikes and Balakot targeting post the Pulwama terror attack convinced the West of a new doctrine and the need to address India’s anger. He also talks about transactional diplomacy on the international relations chess board, sanctions on Iranian oil and how New Delhi owes Beijing nothing despite the next summit after Wuhan and Masood’s terror tag. Ambassador Katju feels the threat to name and shame China on the open floor of the UN Security Council played a big role, also questioning whether China would put its own interests above Pakistan’s when push comes to shove.
#India #China #Masoodazhar


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