Pakistan fails at UN Security Council on Kashmir yet again!

Pakistan fails at UN Security Council on Kashmir yet again!

A farce was attempted and it got demolished in good time.  Pakistan tried to use China to rake up Kashmir issue in UN Security Council but it got shot down with only China siding with Pakistan.  Pakistan is very fond of the UN Security Council resolutions, which it constantly misquotes and its citizens have not even read!

The China-Pakistan initiative to rake up Kashmir at United Nations found no support at the United Nations Security Council Consultative (UNSCC) meet. The consultative meet happened at the request of China who took up the letter of Pakistani foreign minister sent earlier this week in the aftermath of New Delhi’s decision to remove the special status for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. (Source: Pakistan move to rake up Jammu and Kashmir at UNSC falls flat)

It is being said that UK tried to back China and Pakistan to corner India, but at the last minute stood alongside US, Russia and France in backing India’s position.  Thanks to some great diplomatic efforts by Syed Akbaruddin.

This is the downside of a society that has been compromised so deeply by Islamism that even the national agenda is being set by terror-backers in that country.  The time has come for the Indian community and the government to deal with the UK establishment in a tough manner.

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