Pakistan Planting Landmines inside Indian Territory: Army only releases pictures; Nation Awaits a “Plan of Action”!

Not only did the Pakistanis enter Indian territory and behead two soldiers in violation of the Geneva convention and the Cease fire agreement (Read this . this and this)  , but it is also going ahead and trying to do more damage.  It is planting landmines INSIDE the Indian territory!

This is clearly an act of war from their side.  One wonders what “Place” and “Time” is the Indian Army Chief waiting for?  And, what really is the “Plan of Action” of the Government itself?!!

Pakistani troops planted landmines on Indian soil, says Army, releases pictures as proof

Pakistan protests to India over Kashmir killing – Reuters India

Lt Gen Patnaik: Pakistan is always in denial mode – Times of India

Beheading soldiers against Geneva Convention: Manish Tiwari

If provoked we will retaliate, says Army Chief General Bikram Singh

No business as usual with Pakistan: Indian PM

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