Pakistani Democracy and American farce!

What is wrong with the US?  First it tells everybody and his brother to go democratic and when they have the elections, which do not go along the person US is backing – then it starts all sorts of bullying and lobbying!  It is as if US had no idea of what democracy really means.  Maybe it is time their leaders could go back to school for a crash course on democracy.

Democracy is of the people, by the people, and for the people.  That’s what Abraham Lincoln said.  And he was so right!  In that sense, “Installation of democracy” is in any case an oxymoron!  No one from outside can even install a democracy!  But making it a farcical pretense is even worse!

First, the US was backing Benazir Bhutto to form a joint Government with Musharraf, which obviously could not happen.  Now Benazir’s party won the maximum seats and along with Nawaz Sharif’s party should be able to get the strength required.  And obviously, both would want to throw out Musharraf, specially Nawaz Sharif may be itching to pay the General back for the way he was treated long back when he was thrown out of the country!

This is where US comes in.  It wants a special role for Musharraf, even if these two political parties come in.  It wants these guys to work with Musharraf.  (Musharraf will be there . Pressure on Nawaz and Zardari to work with Musharraf).

I am not a Pakistani, but having a view from other side of the border, and being thousands of miles away, I can still say that this kind of an arrangment is doomed!  First this was NOT an intent of the majority of the voters (who wanted to throw out Musharraf) and second, we must be kidding ourselves to say that these politicans could work with Musharraf and vice versa given their divergent views.

Quite obviously, people are not happy – “Leave us Alone“!

US has screwed around with every region quite a bit.  It is time that it stops this further on.  The mess of such foreign policy failures is visiting the shores in the name of terrorism and Americans are so surprised!

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