Pakistan’s ex-Home Minister Campaigns for Congress

Pakistan’s ex-Home Minister Campaigns for Congress

Congress knows it is facing defeat.  That is why it is joining hands with the official machinery of Pakistan and China to fight the BJP and Modi.

Now we have come to the most interesting situation, where Pakistan’s ex-Interior Minister Rehman Malik is now campaigning for Rahul Gandhi.  After the Trump-esque tweet from the dimwit Imran Khan against Indian PM Narendra Modi, to bolster the campaign of Congress, we have another Pakistani politician join the fray.

He is now discussing Rafale deal, which must be giving sleepless nights to the Pakistanis.

One must remember that back in December 2017, there was a meeting between Pakistani ambassador and some of the top Indian ex-bureaucrats, Congress leaders and others – where the discussions had centered around toppling Modi (What really was plotted in Aiyar’s House?)

Rehman Malik has been on a rampage with tweets against Modi and India.

The last tweet is the most revealing.  He is instructing Indians to acknowledge Rahul Gandhi as the “next PM” and is saying that India’s intelligence group RAW and Modi are enemies who need to be brought down in the eyes of the world.  This is indeed instructive when you see how low in IQ he thinks of Indians and Congress supporters specifically to be – that they will follow his (and ISI’s) diktats on who they should vote for.  Worse, that India’s intelligence agencies are the state’s enemy!!


Congress is now so desperate that it cannot just depend on itself to do the whole campaign.  It is now enlisting Pakistan and China by involving their official machinery to fight Modi.

This is a sinister plot with a very potent precedence in the US situation.  We will discuss it soon.  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the news.

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