Pakistan’s Internal War with Balochistan as it hands over large tracts of land to China

We have talked about how Pakistan is handing over its assets in Balochistan – Gwadar port, and other assets in Balochistan – to China [ Is Pakistan, China’s Vassal State | Masochist Neighbor: Pakistan hands over Management of Gwadar Port to China] .  Now it seems that large tracts of land in Balochistan have now been handed over to China.  Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan but its people are the poorest in the country.

Baloch leaders are claiming that Pakistan is handing over vast tracts of land to its military and political ally China, and add that there is a growing sense of outrage over Beijing increasing its footprint in the troubled province.

The situation in Balochistan is pretty sad.  And the Balochis are fighting and trying to represent their positions.  Here is a detailed discussion with a Balochistan Representative.  He discusses the role of China and connivance of Pakistani establishment with China to do – what he called – plundering in Balochistan.  The natural resources are virtually being plundered there. (from 29:10 onwards)

Featured Image Credit – [Gallo/Getty]

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